Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wait, what just happened here?

Before I blast my frustration and even a little confusion all over the internet I have to say this... I know this is a book blog, I know I haven't posted in a really long (way too long) time, and I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with books. But, I have to get this off my chest.  I just can't take it anymore without having some sort of outlet... so that outlet will have to be here.  Feel free to ignore this post, feel free to read, and even comment.  But please respect these are my thoughts and opinions**

As you know, I live in St Louis, Missouri.  As you may or may not know, St Louis has had a rough year... no matter what "side" you stand on or what your beliefs may be.  Last year the chaos was World Wide News for quite a few months. Here we are just over a year later and we are again National News for a few different reasons. I'm not going to mention the reasons our city was under fire last year and again just a few weeks ago...THAT frustration needs to settle a little before I'm fully able to express myself in a "polite" way.   What I want to talk about is the reasons we are BACK in the National News... or more appropriately I want to talk about a comment I saw on social media regarding the reasons we are back in the News....

Let me start at the beginning...

On Tuesday night there was a fatal shooting in Ferguson.  The victim, Jamyla, was a beautiful, innocent 9 year old little girl who was in a bedroom doing her homework when she was struck with a bullet that was shot into the house.
Here is a link to a local St. Louis News Station if you'd like to read the full story :

On Wednesday morning there was a police involved fatal shooting in North St. Louis.  The deceased suspect, Ball-Bey, was fleeing from a house where a search warrant had just been executed, during the pursuit the suspect pulled a stolen gun and aimed it at Police.
Here is the link to this full story if you'd like to read it:

This morning I saw a post on Facebook... in this post there were pictures of the unrest that went on last night around the intersection where the police involved shooting occurred.  As usual the comments were for one or the other side of this situation.  But one caught my eye... Maybe it was because his words were not hateful, maybe it was he didn't resort to name calling like so many on both sides do, or maybe it was because he was the only one to make reference to these protesters burning the American Flag.  This commenter, who is from St. Louis, had pointed out that Ball-Bey (the man who was shot by police) was NOT innocent like the pictures portrayed... he also expressed his concern over the fact that there were quite a few people protesting Ball-Bey's death but there was no outrage over the death of 9 year old Jamyla.

Here is where I got frustrated....

There was a reply to this mans comment and this reply had me moving my phone further from my face, giving my phone the big eyes, and saying "Is this guy serious?"  His reply had me wondering what in the world was wrong with him... because he can't possibly be serious. Unfortunately, I was blocked from the page and MY reply comment was reported as hateful... so I can't give a screenshot but here is what the comment that sparked this blog post said:

It is not illegal to burn the flag. It's just a piece of cloth so get over it.  Are you really that stupid to believe there will be protests over random acts of violence? Shm.  Do you even understand the difference between being killed by a cop and being killed by a criminal? #BLM

I may be the only one to think this... but this guy...  Not to mention, I saw his comment on another post saying he lived on the East Coast and didn't know anything about this situation but "wasn't surprised the cops were brutalizing people just because they asked a question"... Right, they only asked a question and I fart rainbows.  So... for the first time since last August and all the chaos that happened then, I decided to reply.  Here is what my reply said... the same reply that was reported as hateful and got me blocked from that FB page (whatever it was, I honestly couldn't tell you because it was not a page I actually followed.):

I do NOT agree with burning the American Flag. It is NOT just a piece of cloth.  I see it as a complete disrespect to all of the brave men and women who have and still do fight for our freedom...and it SHOULD be illegal.  As for "protesting"... it is no longer protesting when looting, destruction of property, and assaults begin. That is called rioting.  This rioting is doing absolutely NOTHING to help the protesters (and I mean the ones who are trying to make an actual difference in a positive way) cause... it hurts their cause.  And maybe that's what these rioters want.  Who knows.  As for knowing the difference between being killed by police and being killed by a criminal?  Uh... that's a ridiculously stupid question but here's my two cents... Jamyla was 9 years old and killed by a criminal.  She was an innocent, beautiful little girl who had her life stolen from her because some idiot felt he/she has the right to play God by carrying around what is most likely an illegally obtained firearm and shooting at homes.  As for being killed by the police... for argument sake I'll just refer to the man these pictures from last nights protest are about.  He was NOT an innocent child who was just standing there.  He was fleeing from a home where a search warrant was executed...which last time I checked was breaking the law.  We all know this would NOT be a reason for a police officer to shoot him... HOWEVER, while being pursued for fleeing, he aimed a STOLEN FIREARM at police...again, last time I checked that was illegal too.   So let me ask you... What should the officers have done?  Pull their taser and pray he doesn't shoot first?  Just let him run away?  Or protect themselves and shoot first?  What would you do in that situation?  Personally, I would protect myself...but that is any living beings natural instinct.   You say it's stupid to protest over random acts of violence... so here's another question for you:  Between these two deaths from gunshot wounds... who would you want to fight for justice for? A criminal?  Or an Innocent?    Let's not forget to address your BLM hashtag... If the BLM campaign was fighting for innocent lives (and I mean innocent, not illegal gun toting law breakers) regardless of age, sex, or race I would support them hands down 100%!  So please, explain to me how being so outraged over a police officer shooting a dangerous criminal is a reason for rioting and looting.  How is that more important than being outraged over the loss of an innocent life?  I just don't get it....

Does my post seem hateful?  It didn't to me... it still doesn't but then again this entire situation still has me frustrated, angry, and absolutely disgusted by the behavior of human beings.
This beautiful child lost her life way too soon.  MANY beautiful children lose their lives because of needless acts of random violence.  It makes me sick to see all these campaigns against our Police Departments but I have yet to see any kind of campaign out there fighting to protect innocent lives.  All I see are causes that have started based on lives lost due to criminal behavior.  How does that even compare?  I'd honestly like to know.

**Comments that are disrespectful in anyway towards anyone will be deleted.

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