Monday, July 30, 2012

Bad Boy Review

Bad Boy by Maya Reynolds

Book description...
As the owner and editor-in-chief of Heat, Dallas? hottest new e-zine, Leah Reece will do anything to get her story, even venture into the shady underworld of 69, an erotic club which caters to the needs of those with enough money to get anything they want. Leah expected to get her scoop and run, but didn?t count on getting sidetracked by a sinful encounter with a dark and sultry bad boy.
Quin Perez is a bodyguard at 69. He can?t afford to lose his concentration for a second, but he can?t help lusting after the sexy editor who stumbles across his path. Now Quin is asking Leah questions she doesn?t want to answer?and making her do things she never dared.

We all know what a sucker I am for a bad boy... so when I came across this book and saw the title I thought... "Well know that is a book for me"  Not to mention the cover photo... YUM... I was a little concerned I'd rather just stare at the cover then read the book.

Leah is a pretty awesome heroine... I didn't quite love her but I definitely liked her!  She's strong willed and is out to get what she wants... which is a story about Club 69 and it's "after hours" performances.  She's so determined to get what she's looking for that when she "leaves" with her friends she actually ends up turning around to head back into the club.  Only while trying to re-enter she finds out her invitation does not include a come and go pass.  She's in a bit of a pickle until the manager tells her she can re-enter and watch the show from the office of the sexy as sin Quin.

Quin.... sigh... talk about a smooth talker.  I don't know what it is but there is something about that bad boy vibe that makes a book seem that much better... Quin radiates bad boy and sex appeal but it's clear that there is more to him than that.  He comes off as if he's protecting the best interest of the club but it's almost as if you can see he is really trying to protect Leah... he sees something he really likes in her and it's not just to get in her pants, and it doesn't help that every time he touches her, he loses his amazing control. 

Still unsure of him but extremely attracted to him, Leah ends up taking a trip to the wild side and going on a date with Quin when he unexpectedly shows up at her office.  This is when everything starts to get interesting.  The chemistry between these two seems to skyrocket off the charts and you get a small glimpse of Quin being one of those ultimate bad boys that you want to bow down to but at the same time smack across the face... Why I find what he said to her hot is beyond me and you'll understand when you read it but here is a hint.... bathroom scene!

Anyway, the relationship between Quin and Leah takes off and they get pretty close very quick.  It seems like their both on the verge of confessing the L word to each other and then something really big happens... something that will take away their chance of a future together... 

Bad Boy by Maya Reynolds is a hot, easy little read that kept me on my toes until the very end.  Her characters are well built and the story line gave just enough of everything to keep me more than interested.  Maya knows how to write a "Bad Boy" and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future... hopefully more bad boys!!!!

Happy Reading!

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