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Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress #1) Review

Book description.......
 Half-vampire Catherine Crawfield is going after the undead with a vengeance, hoping that one of these deadbeats is her father—the one responsible for ruining her mother's life. Then she's captured by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, and is forced into an unholy partnership.
In exchange for finding her father, Cat agrees to train with the sexy night stalker until her battle reflexes are as sharp as his fangs. She's amazed she doesn't end up as his dinner—are there actually good vampires? Pretty soon Bones will have her convinced that being half-dead doesn't have to be all bad. But before she can enjoy her newfound status as kick-ass demon hunter, Cat and Bones are pursued by a group of killers. Now Cat will have to choose a side . . . and Bones is turning out to be as tempting as any man with a heartbeat.

Cat is a twenty-two year old half vampire who has been killing vampires for 6 years.  She's been programed to despise vampires by her Mother, who I think in a small way is resentful of Cat because she is half 'thing'....I have to admit I got kind of mad at Cat for putting up with how her Mom treated her....I get that she was her Mom and she loved her but Cat deserved the unconditional love only a Mother can give and she certainly did not get that from her Mom!

Using herself as bait to lure vampires out of the clubs so she could drive a stake in their hearts, Cat was succeeding in her mission to destroy the monster that raped her Mom and was unfortunately also her father......that is until she met one very sexy English vampire she couldn't handle.

Bones.....sweet mother of God....Bones.  Picture Spike from Buffy the Vampire (the T.V. Show)!  O.M.G. freaking hot with a sexy English accent that had my mind working overtime not to curl my toes especially when he was trying to dirty talk the blush right out of Cat... the dirty talk....omigod the dirty talk... it's like Eddie from R.C. Rescue all over again.....Bones is so good at the dirty talk it's like he's already in your pants and hasn't even lifted a finger ....I think I need to take a break because remembering all that well..............

So Bones and Cat make a deal.  They work together with conditions....Cat will get to continue on her mission of vengeance but she will only be able to kill the vampires Bones picks.  They work wonderfully together and eventually start to open up to each other.  With some prompting Cat gives Bones a little of her not so happy past when it comes to 'boyfriends' and also confesses she has never been to a club to just dance and have fun.  So when they get to the club the next night Bones tells Cat about her target then takes off into the crowd......little does she know he made himself her target in hopes of giving her a night of dancing and having fun.  He teaches her to dance and she starts to really get into much so her and Bones share their first kiss
"Kitten, you need to make a decision.  Either we stay here and behave or we leave now and I promise you" his voice dipped lower and the words fell against my lips "if we leave, I won't behave."

Cat continues to struggle with what she is feeling towards Bones.  She freaked out the morning after their kiss and struggles with the emotions she's feeling because she wants to be around him but her mind keeps telling her it's better to stay away because he is a monster.....I don't get her hesitation....who cares that he drinks blood, the man is hotter than all get out and he clearly knows how to take care of her while she gets her revenge even if it is against his own kind....come on Girlie - get in there!!!!

Cat finally calls Bones after finding herself in a wee bit of trouble and he comes to her rescue.  After all the clean up Bones finally gets through to Cat and gets her to look at him, look at the man he is instead of the vampire
My God, he was beautiful.  Absolutely, incredibly beautiful, and now that I'd finally allowed myself to notice, I couldn't stop staring.  "Kiss me."
YIPPEEE!!!!!'s about damn time she realized what she had in Bones.  But even after what they shared together....which by the way was so hot as in a cold shower wouldn't have done anything to cool it down.....she still tries to push him away because of what he is.  Only this time he isn't giving her a choice when it comes to staying away
"I can't just let us go our separate ways, Kitten, because I am in love with you.  I love you."
So Bones and Cat..the couple....begin and I have to say I absolutely ♥ them together.  They're both territorial of each other and let me just tell you Cat's way of showing....someone she considers a threat......that Bones is hers and hers only is downright hysterical!  I mean I LMAO.... I could hardly see straight.  But her reaction pleases Bones....extremely pleases him and he shows his gratitude...... in another one of those cold shower moments..... in the stairwell of a hotel.

They have a few struggles in their relationship.....mostly Cat not wanting to confess to her mother that her boyfriend/love of her life is a blood sucking monster but the deep feelings she has for him don't keep her away for too long.
 "I love you, Bones."  A weight seemed to lift from me I hadn't known was there.  Funny how much I'd feared something that shouldn't have frightened me at all.
Sadly the love that Cat feels for Bones runs so deep she is willing to do something that I won't share with you because it will ruin the book but O.M.G. it pissed me off.......Once you've read this book please let me know how you felt about Cat's decision....I want to make sure I'm not the only one who understood her choice but at the same time couldn't believe she actually followed through with it. 

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost is an absolutely awesome read.  The suspense keeps you on your toes and keeps you rooting for the safety of Cat and Bones, the romance is hot and at the same time beautiful, the characters are amazing and so well built.  This was an excellent paranormal read that had me wishing for my very own 240 year old English vampire ;)  Make sure you check it out!  I'm quite anxious to read One Foot in the Grave to find out what happens with our lovely characters next!

Big Thanks to my girl Kim for your help in getting started with this review ♥

Happy Reading!


  1. This is an awesome series. One of my favorites. Don't stay too mad at Cat things have a way of working themselves out and you will be very glad everything happened the way it did.

  2. I LOVE this series. Cat and Bones are awesome and Bones, well Bones is just down right H.O.T. hot and dear God that accent is just killer and a total mood maker ;) Hope you enjoy One Foot in the Grave, you won't be mad at Cat after you've read it :)

  3. AWESOME SERIES!!!!!!!! Love the pics, where did you find them?

  4. Teri - I found them online. I don't remember what sight, maybe

  5. Wow, real classy! You should have your mouth washed out with soap for using foul language. You shouldn't tell readers that it pissed you off. You should use more appropriate words such as angry or mad or upset. Do you want people to actually follow your blog? Do you actually want authors to want you to review your work? I can tell you right now that I will not be back to this site due to your foul language. I'm sure you're mother would be less than proud to know that you have such an awful mouth... get it washed out before you upset anyone else

    1. Really Anonymous? Out of that whole review the one thing you picked out were the words "pissed me off" as your only negative.
      You must have thought the review was as amazing as I did if that was the only fault you could find.
      I'm not sure what world you're living in to be so easily offended by that word.
      Take a walk down the street, turn on the TV, read any book, FB posts - in fact anywhere you like and you will hear worse words than that in abundance.
      If you've got your panties in a twist over something so trivial you really do need to get a life!
      Keep up the good work Lori - and I think your potty mouth is hot - keep talking dirty to me baby!!!!!!

    2. Anonymous.....seriously???? Someone saying that something pissed them off offends you? Now that....pisses me off. Lori does an amazing job. I love her reviews and I value her opinion. Jenny is right...did you read this book..or any book for that matter? Or watch the news, walk down the street? Seek refuge in your bubble where everything is rainbows and butterflies....and nobody is permitted to have their own feelings because YOUR opinion is definitely not needed here.

  6. Dear Anonymous, This is the blog writers older brother. I only have this to say regarding my sister's potty mouth. GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  7. Only a fucking coward would hide behind anonymous instead of giving out their fucking name. Are you that unhappy with yourself that you want to criticize Lori's opinion. I mean my fucking God... grow the fuck up everyone uses foul language especially the in and about the books she reviews so clearly you don't read these types of books especially not this book considering the main characters use a lot of bad words. Uh Oh! you better go wash your eyes out with bleach after reading all this.. Heaven forbid you see a bad word ya fucking bitch! Maybe you should go get fucking laid, it'd probably make the world a better place if you'd pull the stick out of your ass!

  8. Agree with Becca...anonymous your a pretentious bitch! Also nobody asked you to follow lori's blog...therefore don't come back! Your opinion offended me....FREEDOM OF SPEECH YOU POMPUS BITCH!

  9. Bahhaaaaaaaaa omg I'm pmsl how dare u say " pissed " u foul mouthed cunt lmao

  10. I prefer blogs with dirty words and all sorts of fuckery thank you very much!!! And the Night Huntress books are my favorite all-time series. Tell the haters to fuck off.

  11. To me, the funniest thing about Anonymous' comment is that this sounds like a sexy/smutty book, and she's bothered with a little bit of "potty language". Now Lori needs to do a book review of a book that involves some golden showers...

  12. FUCK YOU Anonymous!!! And Good FUCKING riddance!!!!

  13. Anonymous, I think you might feel better if you take Becca's advice. Removing the stick just a little, then putting it back in, maybe moving it around to the front side...keep repeating. Maybe you will get a little release and not feel the need to piss on Lori's parade