Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hilarious Interview with Author Colleen Hoover

You want to know how lucky I am?  Well I'm going to tell you... I'm so lucky because I have gained another friend, I've gotten to know a little about Colleen after I read her books Slammed (Slammed Series #1) and Point of Retreat (Slammed Series #2).... I've learned that on top of having an incredible talent she is an amazing person and so down to earth it's not even funny!  So I asked her if I could interview her for my readers and since I've explained before that I am not normal I wanted to make this fun and ask some completely random off the wall questions... not to mention I'm sure a lot of you have seen her mention Austrenglish on her blog or facebook... so I asked her to answer all her questions in Austrenglish Pirate speak  (Which is what my girls and I have started calling it when Colleen does her Australian accent... lol).... Hope you enjoy getting to see a different side of the amazeballs Author... I mean Authorball.... Colleen Hoover

I have to know.... WHERE did you learn how to speak such fluent amazeballs austrenglish pirate?
Colleen: Argh, that's a harrrd 'un.  Meh spent sooo much time salin' tha internet, gettin' ta know tha likes of amazeballs people all ova tha world, it jes sorta rubbed off on meh, ya know? 

Lori: I know exactly what you mean... I tried after getting to know some of my amazeballs Aussie friends but couldn't pull it off, I just sounded stupid lol

If you were stranded on an Island and had to choose one fictional character to come to life and join you.... who would it be?
 Colleen: Well there was this movie when aye was a wee bit of a girl called Drop Dead Fred.  I would sooo bring Fred with meh.  Ya know?  Keep things interesting?  What a riot of a time we'd have.  Argh!

Lori: OMG Fred is awesome.  That was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I have to admit you'd have loads of fun!

Will or Gavin?
Colleen: Yeh know I gotta go with an Avett Brother.  Argh!  That wasn't tha question, eh?  Fine, fine.  WILL!  Hands down, WILL! That boy could teach me a lesson or two!  Or three.  Or four or five or six.  Ya get tha picture! 

Lori: Oh I get the picture alright... you're hoping you'll be the only one in detention!

Right before 3rd trip to the moon, 2009
How would you describe yourself in 3 completely random words?
Colleen: Ah, Crickey!  Let's see here. 

Cooper or Jackson?
Colleen:Jackson FUR SHUR!  Mile high club, here we come!

Lori: You know I interviewed Cooper and Jackson and even scored a date with Jackson, granted I'm happily married and we all know that he is madly in love with Caroline but still... maybe I'll have to fly home with him.. you know to make sure he gets there safely ;)

What would you do if you had a time machine?
Colleen: I would go back ta December when meh was writin' meh book and I would write myself into Slammed as a hot teacher and I would have Will make out with meh!  

Lori: You totally should have done that!  Can you put me in there as one of Will's hot best friends wife or girlfriend?  LOL, just kidding.... well kind of.

Who is your favorite character from your books and why?
Colleen: Meh absolute favorrrite character es the gnome with tha broken red hat.  That lad is a riot!  He bangs like a dunny door in a hurricane!    He was always just a chillin' out with his smug little grin like he had a front row seat.  Aye, what a guy, eh?

Who would win in a battle.... a ninja or a pirate?
Colleen: This questions is ridiculous.  This es quite possibly tha dumbest damn question I've eva been arsked!   A ninja and a pirate would neva be en a situation which would require them to battle.   A ninja is a land dwelling mammal, whereas a pirate es a water God.  Jesus, Lori!  Get it togetha!

Lori: LOL I was aiming for random and fun you party pooper.

If you could ask your readers any question what would it be?
Colleen: Crickey!  I don't ask...I tell.  So, I would tell them ta go buy an Avett Brothers album and dance their merry arses off!  Peace, love and Avett!  ARRRRGH!

Lori: Thanks again for doing this Colleen, you really are an amazing person and I'm so glad I've gotten the opportunity to get to know you!

So there you have it.... She may be an incredible writer but Colleen Hoover is also an incredible woman, who is down to earth, funny as all get out, and an all around gem!  If you haven't read her books Check them out... they are beautiful stories that will leave you craving more of her fabulous creative talent!

Happy Reading!


  1. LMFAO- good lord! HAHAHAHAHA i love this!

  2. I am now taking Austrenglish lessons from Colleen...so we can communicate....its just too hard trying to decipher her American arsed accent otherwise! LOVE Colleen.. love her books...love her amazeballs accent!!!! If you haven't read Slammed yet- WHY???????? :)

    Great interview guys!

    1. LOL... she's pretty awesome and the accent is awesome!!!! I have to agree with you on reading Slammed.... I think everyone NEEDS to read it!