Sunday, August 12, 2012

Road Trip Shenanigans Giveaway

On September 28th Sam and I will be heading out to the TFEiC event in Chicago, IL.   We've been talking about it for the past couple of weeks because not only are we super excited to see each other but we're super excited to be able to meet some of our favorite authors face to face... Then it got even better because one of our beautiful friends Jenny from Totallybooked was informed that the fundraiser all of you amazing readers participated in tilted and Jenny is now going to Chicago too!  Obviously we are beyond excited and can't wait!  So the other day I'm sitting here waiting for my hubby's flight to land and thought "How fun would it be to get fellow book lovers involved in our road trip?"  So I called Sam and told her my idea.  She loved it too and we decided that we would email the gorgeous girls over at Totallybooked and the beautiful Mollie from Tough Critic Book Reviews to see if they would like to participate in our own funky version of a blog hop.  So now our road trip will consist of Me, Sam,  Generous Gitte, Luscious Leanne, and Ho-larious Mollie ... since Gitte, Leanne, and Mollie are unable to make it to Chicago we decided we're going to bring them anyway and they will be participating in the tasks you amazing book lovers set for us.  Now I'm sure you're wondering why we have named Gitte, Leanne, and Mollie the way we have.... well there is a reason for that.... a reason that will.... blow.... your mind!  We will reveal pictures of Generous Gitte, Luscious Leanne, and Ho-larious Mollie the morning of September 28th.  Trust me when I say these three... pumped up.... women are going to make this road trip that much better!

So here it goes.....

We will be leaving my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri around 8:30am on 9/28/12.

According to we have a 5 hour drive.... but since I am talking about myself driving it will most likely NOT be a 5 hour drive.

Anyway, we have decided that we need help coming up with little things we should do on our road trip.  

We'll need a playlist, a junk food list, and the most fun of all - a random stuff to do while on the road list.  

So here is where you come in... we need your help creating all these lists and giving us tasks to complete on our approximately 5 hour road trip to Chicago, Illinois

Every time you give us a new song, help us with our junk food list, and/or come up with a shenanigan for us to complete on our road trip... you will be entered to win an autographed copy of the book of your choice, from one of the participating authors, that we will get signed for you while in Chicago.  We WILL ship internationally!

For the Shenanigans... we will create a poll the week before we leave and let you amazing book lovers help us decide which shenanigans we need to complete.  The top 10 shenanigans WILL be completed with pictures, videos, and/or a detailed post talking about the experience

Want to know what kind of shenanigans we're looking for? 
Random pictures... like with a gas station attendant or just a random person
Random a video of us singing and dancing in the car to a specific song
Random shenanigans... these can include all 5 of us or 1 or 2 of us at a time....You're like the little devil sitting on our shoulders!

****Please make sure nothing will land us in the pokey because I really do not want to have to explain to my hubby why we got arrested because of what someone told us to do.  And I'd really rather not have to explain to a judge why we were traveling with 3... women.****

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  1. Ohhh this is awesome !!! Hope u like my lipstick on the white tshirt idea baaahaaa

    1. You are a bad influence... oh who am I kidding, I'm a bad influence on myself lmao. <3 you Sali baby!

  2. Please let me win! I only ever win at losing!! LOL!! Stop by Peoria, and say hi to Bradley Uni. I went to school there... The midwest was something else! I love you all, and I wish I could be there with you on your road trip, crazy fun chicas!

    1. The midwest is definitely something else... although I love living here :) Check back daily, you can enter a new shenanigan every day which gives you more entries to win :) Good Luck!!!

  3. This is definitely sounding like an amazing and unforgettable road trip. :) And you haven't even left. lol
    Carol L