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Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Giveaway Hop - Jamie Davenport

The Dance
What's a girl to do when her former fiancé declares that she's frigid?

Mariah Baker decides to take a jaunt on her wild side--if she can find it. The scruffy Puerto Rican leasing the waterfront house next door appears to be just the man for the mission. After all, what better way to defrost than with a sexy Latin lover? Only Rico isn't who she thinks he is, and time is her enemy.

Rico finds fashion-obsessed Mariah intriguing and unique. For starters, she makes horses dance, and his heart does its own tango for her. Besides, a hot summer fling is a welcome distraction from his depressing, uncertain future and dysfunctional, freeloading family.
As their summer together comes to an end, Rico’s phobia toward falling in love and Mariah’s insecurities are a recipe for a trouble in paradise; but in the magic of the San Juan Islands, anything is possible. Or is it?

Adult Excerpt:

She was behaving like a bad girl, a very bad girl. She’d always been a good girl. She shouldn’t be doing this. The rest of her mind and body shut out that one small voice until it was forgotten. That voice of reason stood no chance during a time of lust.

“Mariah,” Rodrigo whispered into her mouth. “God, you are hot. I gotta have you, Mariah.”

He picked her up and cradled her in his arms. She clung to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He carried her into the bedroom, kissing her the whole time. “You’re making me crazy, baby.”

He laid her tenderly on the bed. Drunk with love, she sprawled there, lazily regarding him with half-lidded eyes.

Rodrigo unzipped his fly, his mocha eyes never leaving hers. He stripped his jeans with the efficiency of a man on a mission. Grinning at her, he pulled his underwear down over his hips and kicked his clothes out of the way.

The reality of her situation slammed her back to earth’s atmosphere. Mariah stared at him in abject horror. It was so huge. Clutching the blanket, she scooted further up the bed, closer to the headboard.

Judging by the puzzled and hurt expression on his face, her negative reaction to his size was an unfamiliar experience to him. She couldn’t take her eyes off his huge cock. Compared to Rodrigo, Warren had looked like a short, stubby pencil. Maybe that’s why Jamal always called him a little prick. Guys probably had a sixth sense about stuff like that. Did guys with big pricks command more respect? She didn’t have clue, but there was no way that thing would fit. Warren, the little prick, had hurt her because of her tightness. That thing would never work. Never.

“Rye?” Rodrigo questioned her. He knelt at the foot of the bed, absently rubbing her ankles.

“It won’t fit,” she choked. Her eyes were glued to his midsection.

A soft smile gentled the corners of his mouth, “Of course, it will. We’ll make sure it does.”

“It’s too big.”

He tried his best to look serious. “At the risk of permanently damaging my male ego, I have to admit that I’m not unusually large.”

“You look enormous to me.”

“Well, thanks, but I’m not.” The man actually had the decency to look embarrassed.

“It’ll hurt.”

“Baby, I promise. I’ll take care of you. I’ll go slow. You’ll adjust to me. Trust me.”

His words didn’t convince her one bit. The earlier spell broken, she fought against the panic rising inside her. Oh, no. Oh no. Oh no. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She thought it would be different with Rigo. She thought she’d be okay. But she wasn’t, she was scared to death. Scared that he’d hurt her, or she wouldn’t be good enough, or he’d be disappointed, and she’d be a failure once again.

Rodrigo crawled toward her on his hands and knees. She drew back but had nowhere left to go. He stroked her hair, concern etched on his face. Mariah stared at him, not looking anywhere but his eyes. She attempted to ignore his nakedness, refusing to look at that thing again.

“I’m scared.” Her voice was no more than a croak. Her fear paralyzed her.

“Tell me what you want me to do. Do you want to stop? You’d better make up your mind right away because I may not be able to stop if we get much further.”

Mariah shook her head. She had to trust Rodrigo to help her. “No, I want to do this. I need to do this. Please, just kiss me and be gentle with me. Set me free, Rigo. Please. You’re the only man who can.”

A tender smile played at the corners of his mouth. He kissed her with great care and passion. She felt like a China doll that he was trying his best not to break. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths, concentrating on his caresses. Drifting away, she lost herself again in the sensation of his body against hers and his masterful lips and hands. He eased her lace underwear down her hips and past her knees and ankles. Attempting to distract her, he kissed her mouth, her neck, her shoulders, her breasts.

“I need this, Mariah. I need you.” The gravel in his voice betrayed the extreme control he exercised on his emotions. “I ache to be inside you.”

His lips and teeth teased her. He slipped his hands below her waist. One hand caressed her back and the roundness of her butt. His other hand found its way between her legs. He stroked her thighs, his fingers moving higher, seeking heaven.

Mariah clamped her legs together out of habit. Yet, she could feel her wetness, feel how hot she was for him.

“You have my hand in a vise grip, baby. Loosen up.” His soft accented voice cajoled her. A remote part of her foggy brain registered that his accent grew stronger the more turned on he became. She loosened her legs, allowing him to touch her. She wanted to trust him.

He sat back on his haunches, his eyes smoldered with unleashed heat. His gaze focused between her legs. Mariah looked away from him, feeling exposed and vulnerable. She squirmed, but resisted closing her legs.

“It’s okay, baby. You’ll like this.” Stretching out beside her, he ran his index finger through the moist curls. His free hand milked a nipple while his mouth fastened onto the other. He teased her with his fingers and stroked her wet slit until her body instinctively responded. Shifting his position, he straddled her body. His fingers parted her, opening her to him. She tensed when one long finger entered her. He took his time, massaging her, sliding in deeper with each stroke.

Dragging his mouth from her nipple, he gasped. “You okay, Rye? That feel good?”

Surprisingly, it did feel good, really good. The intimate stroking of his finger sent little waves of pleasure shuddering through her. Rodrigo sunk his finger up to his knuckle, slipping easily through her wetness. Gaining a little confidence, she relaxed by a degree. He took advantage and eased a second finger inside her. It was little uncomfortable at first, but her body adjusted. Using his thumb, he stroked that spot guaranteed to drive her insane. She arched, spread her legs wider, took his fingers deeper. He moved his fingers in and out, faster and faster, picking up speed, and pulling her to the brink.

Over the edge.

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  2. This sounds great!! Id love to read it! Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!