Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Giveaway Hop - Liz Crowe

I love this thing. It’s Craig’s story…and it turns out that Mr. Robinson was a very bad boy, a very unfocused young man by the time he claps eyes on Sara in Floor Time….

Conditional Offer: STEWART REALTY BOOK 5

RELEASE DATE: August 25, 2012 from Tri Destiny Publishing. The best selling Stewart Realty saga continues!

Craig Robinson and Suzanne Baxter had no reason to meet, no real excuse to be friends. But when heart calls to heart…blood to blood…should two people who seem destined to be together heed the spin of Fate’s wheel?
Craig spent years floating through life on cruise control, using directionless jobs, his rock band, swimming, and a string of older women in his bed to smother feelings of loneliness and loss.  He finally thought he had found his true love in one Sara Thornton — A sexy, beautiful, fellow real estate agent and mentor. But his self-doubt and innate sense of failure is only reinforced when he realizes her heart belongs to another man.

When Sara introduces him to Suzanne, a woman fighting her own demons from an abusive marriage and subsequent feelings of inadequacy and deep unhappiness, that chance moment snaps Craig’s hazy existence into crystal clear focus.  A bond born of instant physical attraction is nurtured by time and shared experience, and plenty of erotic energy. 

 As Suzanne’s past continues to haunt her, making her push Craig away just as he thinks he’s getting closer, each of them must come to terms with their true selves and face their ultimate realities.

An exclusive, currently-in-editing, excerpt (shhh….do not tell the publisher):

“Hey,” he answered his sister’s call by rote, wondering how many of them were on the other line this time. “Sort of busy,” he wasn’t at that moment but was not in the mood for their crap.
“Craig!” Grace shrieked in his ear. “When did you start modeling?”
“What?” he half ignored his oldest sister, one of three who’d taken one look at him as an infant and been instantly infatuated. They had coddled him, fussed over him, and he had to barely lift a finger to do anything the majority of his growing up years. He never exerted energy with laundry, cleaning or preparing food—nothing but taking care of himself his entire life until he moved to college.  And even then they’d been at him reminding him to brush, floss, wash, wear condoms, well, not that that last bit. He groaned, determined not to blame the phalanx of women on the other end of the phone for his own failures. 
“Craig,” another one grabbed the phone. Frannie, the high school principal spoke low in his ear. “We saw a…a … book cover. And, you, your…”
“What the fuck are you…” he rolled his eyes when Lillian took the phone.
“Sweetie, we didn’t know you were modeling.”
“I’m not.” He growled, worry setting up a distinct home base in his chest.
“Well, you’re on a book cover. I hope you’re getting paid.”
“Holy shit. How do you, I mean…” he clapped his hand over his eyes, remembering that night, with the camera, and the guitar.
“Are you gay?” his bold youngest sister blurted into his ear.
“No. I’m definitely not gay.” He opened his laptop, and pulled up google.
“Well, you are on the cover of a best selling man love novel. ‘His Guitar Cowboy’ is climbing the charts. And my brother’s near naked bod is on the cover.”
He tried not to yell. “Okay. Well, how do you…I mean..”
“Your face, you dumb ass. Your pretty boy mug is there, along with your chest, arms, hands, guitar, and legs.  You know, we can imagine the rest given your bare hip, sticking out from the side of the instrument.”
“Holy fucking shit.” He groaned and sank into his chair.
oh heavens…Craig what HAVE you gotten yourself into now????

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  1. This one sounds fun. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  2. This does sound like a fun book.....lol...

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  3. I love when a series has side characters that get a story. I have this on my TBR now.
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  4. Saw this one on a blog recently--looks good!


  5. Now that was fun, and I can't wait to know what happens next.

    happy release week, Liz.

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  6. Great excerpt! I'd love to know what happens next :)

  7. This sounds great!! Id love to read it! Thanks for sharing and for the great giveaway!