Monday, August 20, 2012

Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Giveaway Hop - Leah Braemel

Excerpt from Hidden Heat:
“You’re so beautiful, sunshine. So responsive.” He pressed a kiss to the ticklish spot above her hip. “You should see the looks you’re getting. The women wish they were you, while the men all wish they were me.”
With each touch, with each murmur he gave, her core grew heavier, the skin of his belly that rested against her mons grew slippery with her juices.
She squirmed when he flattened his palm over her belly and dragged it down to her mound. The heel of his hand pressed against her clit in a tantalizing promise of pleasure. As she lifted her hips to press into his palm, his mouth caught her breast, his lips, teeth and tongue teasing her until she was breathless and dizzy.
“Can you smell your arousal? I can. So can everyone in the front row.” He slipped a finger through the wetness of her folds. She squirmed, wishing he’d breach her entrance, allow her to come. Instead he withdrew, causing her to moan in disappointment.
“I know what you want, but you’re on my schedule tonight.” He traced the curve of her mouth, then slipped it past her lips. “Taste yourself, Sandy.”
She licked her own essence from his finger and the scent of her arousal—and his—grew stronger. When he tried to withdraw his finger from her mouth, she caught his wrist and held him there, sucking his fingers deep as her hips rolled, pressing her mound against him. She couldn’t resist running her fingers along the ridges of his arms, loving the way the dark hair crinkled beneath her fingertips.
“Such passion.” he murmured. “There’s a couple watching us—the woman is mimicking everything you do. Does that turn you on? Do you like the idea that you inspire passion in others?”
She’d never thought herself an exhibitionist before, but the idea that others were watching, were getting off on what she was doing made her even wetter.
Humming her assent, she sucked harder on his finger, rolling her tongue over it as she had done for his cock before releasing it. “Fuck me, Troy. Please. I need you.”
“Not yet. It’s not a race tonight. It’s never a race.” His lips captured hers, his tongue sliding over her teeth, dancing with hers. His body covered hers, the crisp hair on his chest rasping her breasts until they ached for more of his touch. The length of his cock slid through her slick folds and over her clit until she cried out once again for him to take her. Instead he broke off the kiss and drew back, paying homage to her breasts, using his tongue and teeth in an onslaught that left her trembling with need.
Leather creaked as he once again shifted his weight. His thighs pressed against the inner flesh of hers, and the hard head of his cock broached her entrance. He thrust into her with a slow but steady pressure until he filled her completely.
“Oh, God.” Between his girth and the butt plug filling her, she’d never been so stretched.
Her body reached a fervor she’d never known before. Her hips lifted, trying to find…something. He gripped her hips and pressed her back against the leather. The angle had changed slightly until the bulbous head scraped along a sensitive section that started her quivering. Once assured she wouldn’t move again, he released one hip and moved one hand to toy with her clit.
Her vision removed, her world was reduced to sensation. The wet slapping sound each time their hips met, even the soft breath brushing her neck seemed warmer, more erotic. He groaned, the sound rumbling through his chest into hers. He drove her higher than she’d ever been before, the air seemed to thin, and her chest heaved, each breath more difficult than the last.
When she finally couldn’t draw another breath, her body tightened, clenched around his shaft. Against the blackness of the mask, an explosion of fireworks sparkled in her vision. Just when she thought she was done, he drove her up again until she was shaking so hard she couldn’t stop.
His breathing ragged from his own climax, Troy traced the outline of her mask. “You are beautiful, sunshine. I am the envy of every man here.”
“They’re still watching?” It was hard to form the words, her body was so loose and languid.
“They can’t take their eyes off of you.” His lips caressed hers. “But they can’t touch you. Because you’re mine.”
“I’m yours,” she whispered. She reached up until her hand touched his chest; his heart beat a rapid tattoo against her palm. “And you’re mine.” For tonight.

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  1. Loved the excerpt. I read the first two in this series and want the others.

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  2. WOW! great excerpt! I really need to get this series.
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  3. Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaways! This is so much fun! Thank you!

  4. Yowch! Scorchin' excerpt!