Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where in the world is Waldo... I mean Lori!

So... I've kind of been MIA since August.  I'm sorry for those of you who have been looking for recommendations but life has totally gotten in the way!

When I got home from Vegas, back in August, my body apparently wasn't a fan of going from super dry heat to lots of humidity and I ended up sick... I mean super sick.  I had pneumonia and it totally sucked.  Then, because school was back in session and we all know what a little petri dish elementary schools can be, my kids kept getting sick... and that seemed to go on for almost 6 weeks straight!  Plus, I think it's important that y'all know how much harder second grade is compared to 25 years ago!  My second grader has almost an hour of homework a night, plus a few extras depending on the week... so a lot of my time in between cooking dinner has been spent going over spelling words, vocabulary words, and math homework... which speaking of Math did you know that her school is already preparing her for multiplication?  AND, they no longer encourage them to memorize addition and subtraction tables?  So needless to say it's been rough... but I will say that my little smarty pants has gotten 100% on ALL of her spelling and vocab tests this school year (except one vocab and that was only because she got her words the day before the test because she'd been sick)!  Then, of course throw in the holidays and the fact that someone (who will remain nameless) somehow got me addicted to Pinterest (the crafty stuff) and my precious reading time was significantly cut.

Now, when I say I've grown an addiction to Pinterest, I should say I've grown a HUGE addiction and may have even asked people on Facebook to ground me from it... BUT... I've done a lot with the cool things I've found!  I've been slowly reorganizing and redecorating my house... and I've found almost ALL of my ideas on Pinterest.  If you'd like to follow me feel free... click HERE and it will take you to my profile... but be warned... I do not have anything book related there, and this is actually the first time I've publicly shared my profile since I didn't want those that have heard me say "I will never get on Pinterest" to get a chance to say I told you so lol.  But I'm so proud of the work I've done around my house with these cool ideas I've found that I don't care if I hear the I told you so's anymore! 

But life isn't the only reason my reading time has been cut.... the other biggest reason is because  nothing has really held my attention lately.  I haven't decided if it's because of everything else that's going on or if it's because I've been reading nothing but the same stories but different characters at every turn... but my interest has not been there.  Sure, I've read some good ones, even some great ones.... but the only ones I've really wanted to shout to the world that they needed to read, are books that I feel I can't review because I've beta read them, and in my opinion I feel it's a conflict of interest.  Plus it seems like everyone is using the same trends... boy and girl fall in love, boy is bad boy and girl is virgin... boy cheats on girl, girl forgives him... and they live happily ever after.  I'm seriously getting sick of ALL these heroes I read about being he-whores or never having been in a relationship.  I'm also sick of the heroines who are virgins and when they do it for the first time not only are they awesome to the hero but they have multiple orgasms and know how to do everything perfectly... Come on!  Give me a realistic experience here!  But what I've grown sick of most of all is the amount of cheating in these books lately!  It takes a special author to write these scenes a special way for the hero to redeem himself in my eyes if he strays. 

But my interest in spending every minute available to me reading has come back... All thanks to one amazing book I recently downloaded.  I'm not sure if y'all remember, but I have a serious weakness for Men in Uniforms... whether they're in our Armed Services, Police Offices, Firemen, FBI, DEA, ect... Add in a some edge of your seat suspense and a great little romance story and I'm hooked.  This book definitely had me hooked and I plan to share my review with y'all closer to the release date.  But if you're curious and want to pre-order or even just read the book description here is the info... click on the Title to take you to Amazon - Where Evil Waits by Kate Brady.  It's really good.... and let me just say that I can not wait to read another by Kate Brady!

I hope y'all have had a wonderful past few months, special holidays spent with your families, and have read lots and lots of books!!!

Check back soon, I might just have something special for y'all in a few days, maybe something I got while in Vegas!

xoxo ~ Lori