I have a blast doing interviews... regardless if they are interviews I have done on my own and added my own silly twist to, interviews that are a little more serious, or my favorite interviews of all... the ones I do with my fellow book bloggers!!

Character Interviews:

This was one of those interviews I had a blast on.  The author, who is such a lovely woman, pretty much gave me free reign with these boys and not only did they make my day but they made me laugh!

Okay So I didn't exactly "crash" this interview but I know my blogger friend Jenny from Totallybooked was starting to question herself on if she brought along the right person for moral support.  
This interview was my first with Jenny and we had an absolutely amazing time getting to know Kellan, Kiera, and Griffin and look forward to interviewing them again... if Jenny will let me ;)

This most recent interview is one of my favorites.  Due to a scheduling error I was able to sit in with the girls at Totallybooked and we interviewed these amazing characters together.  J & G were both leary of me and my behavior but by the end of the interview we were all cracking up laughing!  I love working with those girls!

Okay so this wasn't quite an interview but as part of a promotional blog tour I asked for a Guest Post from my favorite Character from this series... Ryan!  So instead of an actual interview I asked Ryan to tell me a little about the love of his life, how he felt when he lost her, and what he experienced when he found her again.

This is another interview that is a little different.  This was also a part of a promotional blog tour for Frankie Rose's second book in her Hope Series... Eternal Hope.  This was more of a Q&A for Daniel the hero and heart throb of the series!

Author Interviews:

I got to know Colleen Hoover a little bit after I read her amazing Slammed Series... first of all she has got to have one of the funniest and most down to earth personalities ever!  If you haven't seen it she occasionally types in what she refers to as "Austraenglish Pirate"  It is her mimicking an Aussie accent... which comes out looking piratish!  Take a look... the questions were off the wall goofy but we had fun with them!

Ah, one of my favorite new authors!  I absolutely loved getting to know Frankie and help her get her debut novel Sovereign Hope out there.  She is a very sweet and down to earth woman who has an amazing talent!  I look forward to working with her again soon with her upcoming release of Eternal Hope.

I was invited to participate in Sherri Hayes' promotional tour for her Finding Anna Series and was given a choice if I wanted to just do a review, an interview or both!  Of course I picked both because my first thought was I can not wait to ask her about how she comes up with these amazing heroines she writes!  I absolutely LOVE Sherri's work.

Not exactly an interview but close enough... I was invited to participate in a promotional Blog Tour for Author Sydney Logan's debut novel Lessons Learned after I had reviewed her book.  I wanted to try something different and this was my first experience with having a "Guest Blogger" post on my blog.  I asked Sydney to tell me her personal thoughts on encouraging someone to be themselves since that is the main lesson behind her captivating book!

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