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Lori's Book Blog is currently NOT accepting any ARC submissions.  

Lori's book blog is a place that is meant to be fun and for me to share my love and passion for reading.   Everything on this site is my personal opinion, unless otherwise stated, and is meant to be a fun way to discuss the story lines and characters I have come to love with my fellow readers.  

I will read just about any romance book I come across.  However, I am extremely selective of the books I chose to review on my blog.  I only review books that I feel passionate about and would recommend to my readers.   

Due to the recent  heightened Piracy Awareness I will NO longer accept ARC submissions unless the book is able to be gifted through Amazon and I have previously agreed to accept the request.  
I will accept ARC submissions if the Book is available for request on Netgalley or I have agreed to participate in a Blog Tour or Release day launch with PR Firms, Publishers, and/or Professional Blog Tour Services.   
If an ARC is sent to Lori's Book Blog without an agreement between Lori's Book Blog and the person requesting the review it will be immediately deleted.  So PLEASE email a request prior to sending your work!  
If I am interested in reading your submission I will purchase my own copy via Amazon (unless otherwise agreed upon) and if a review is posted on Lori's Book Blog I will email you the scheduled link with the date the review will go up. 

I am willing to participate in Blog Tours, Book Reveals, Guest Blog Posts, Giveaways, Author interviews, and Character interviews -  with Authors, Professional Tour Blogs, PR Firms, Publishers, & Publicists... unless otherwise agreed upon.

My reading preferences include: 
Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Paranormal Romance,  and Romantic Suspense.
If your sub-genre is not listed please feel free to still contact me with a detailed description of your book, I am always open to broadening my romantic horizons!

**I reserve the right to read any works submitted to me for review, and the right not to notify the author and/or publisher whether I decide to read the book submitted. Additionally, I reserve the right not to post a review.**

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