Thursday, August 1, 2013

Black Heart (Cursed Hearts, #1) Review

Black Heart by R.L. Mathewson

There was something seriously wrong with Marty. That was the only explanation that she could come up with. Why else would she feel this way for the biggest SOB in town? Granted, he was also the hottest man in town, but he was also arrogant, callous, and determined to drive her away even as he drove her crazy with his touch. She should just walk away from him and probably would if it wasn’t for this connection that she’d always had with him that kept making her want more with the one man that couldn’t give her anything more than heartache.

He should have left and never looked back when he’d decided to finally do the right thing and push Marty out of his life, but instead he stuck around to torture himself by staying close to the one woman that he could never allow himself to have. She deserved better than him, better than the tortured existence that he led and better than the horrifying future that waited for him.

 If I had to pick one author that I could count on to give me loads of humor in a book... and when I say humor I mean the  funny stuff people do to each other when their mad at each other or just playing pranks... it's R.L. Mathewson.  This woman's wicked sense of humor sucks me in as quick as the iced coffee I'm sucking back right now... wait that sounded dirty didn't it?  Oh well, it's true!  She knows how to deliver a fantastic story (and I will always be grateful to my friend over at Ana's Attic for her recommending R.L. Mathewson to me!) but I've learned that no one can quite make me giggle at 2 a.m. quite like R.L.!

I'll be honest and say that I was a tad nervous when I saw some people saying it wasn't quite what they were expecting and then I'll even go as far as to say I was a little nervous because I'm so used to R.L. throwing her humor in the story right at the beginning, and it was a little further into Black Heart before I got there... BUT... I was still totally engrossed in the story, totally loving everything that was happening and then the humor hit and I was all in.  Completely lost to every funny, sad, suspenseful, and especially smutty moment in this book!

There is no doubt that I adore R.L. Mathewson and one of my favorites of hers is Sudden Response... but now I'm thinking that the Cursed Hearts series... may just take over that spot and it has a lot to do with what we learn a little later in the book!  I'm more than looking forward to the next book in this series!

Happy Reading!

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