Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Weekly Reads 11/10 - 11/16

Hi fellow book lovers!!!!  I hope y'all had a fabulous week.  Mine was... interesting... but interesting in a good way.... I'm so stinking proud over one moment that I plan to share... you know, later.  

I didn't have the best of luck with reading again this week... but instead of it being my head just wasn't in it.. it was more of the whole "I don't have time to read but I really want to finish this first"  thing.  I really could have had more time to read but I got it in my head that I wanted to be better prepared for Christmas this year and well... one thing led to another and by the end of the week I had an overloaded Pinterest Board, a binder full of new cookie recipes, and a load of gifts that desperately need a new hiding spot!  Plus a list that feels like it's a mile long of things I either still want to do, things I'd love to try, and gifts I'm thinking I should purchase.  

So, even though I did have a good read and a good reread this week... I also need some recommendations!  I'm needing something light yet engaging... something sweet but totally passionate.  Something that is totally and completely "Lori Safe"!

Here are last weeks reads and recommendations:

A Love of Vengeance (Wanted Men) by Nancy Halivand

So. Good.   Just sayin'
A Love of Vengeance had the perfect combination of bad boy alpha male, strong heroine, and smoking hot passion.  It held my interest to the very end and left me desperate for the next book in the series!

Last week I had mentioned I was in the middle of reading this one and put the seed out there to email me if you'd read it or started reading it.  Well... I head from someone and let me just tell you.. our non-stop email message was nothing but... 
"I want to hate her but I just can't."
Obviously... we both enjoyed this book and while I would love to tell you some of our other thoughts, she did ask to stay anonymous and since I don't post actual quotes without giving props to the person who said it... I unfortunately have to keep my lips sealed which totally  bums me out because this chick had some funny one liners.  *insert sad face*

Anyway, A Love of Vengeance is a definite recommend.  

Reed's Reckoning by Ahren Sanders 

Here is my reread from last week.  I first read Reed's Reckoning over the summer...after a long list of incredibly horrible books.... so of course I was like "Best. Book. Ever!"  at that particular time.  

So with my reread... I wasn't quite as impressed.  I mean, it was a reread so I can't look at it the same... right?  But I noticed the BETA reader in me surfacing (quite a bit) during my reread.  I kept wanting to your research!!!  and I did have a couple eye roll moments.  

HOWEVER, this book is still really good.  It's got more than just the bones and is still way better than a lot of other books I've read lately.  Not to mention, when I really thought about it... the few places my beta half seemed to twitch at... really didn't take away from the story itself. 

So again, this is another one I recommend! 

While these two are not the ONLY books I've read this week... they are the only ones I'll share and here's why: 

Last Wednesday my 8 year old (we'll call her G) came home from school and this was our conversation:

G: Mom!  Guess what?
Me:  What?
G:  I found the most engaging book in the library today!
Me: *trying to figure out how my 8 year old figured out how to use the word engaging correctly* Really? 
G:  YES!  I think we should read it together and discuss it during our breakfast chats.
Me:  *tearing up because I always thought she hated our breakfast chats*  That sounds fantastic G!
G: *jumps up and down clapping* YAY!  This could be our new morning tradition!  We talk about books!
Me: *more tearing up because how absolutely fabulous would that be?* 

So... of course, I couldn't tell her no... actually telling her no didn't even cross my mind.  So far... G and I have read and discussed almost 3 entire books since last Wednesday....which is pretty amazing considering she's only 8 and all 3 books have more than 130 pages each! 

I couldn't be more proud!  And I do hope this is a tradition her and I can keep... because seriously, how absolutely amazing would that be!

So.... unless you're looking for recommendations for your 8-12 year old or just happen to like to read books like Judy Moody (that kid cracks me up), Junie B Jones, or Monster High... I'll make sure to leave these reads off my weekly recommendations ;)  

 Happy Reading Friends!

Got recommendations?  Comment below and let me know!  I'm always looking for fantastic reads!

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