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Breathe (Colorado Mountain Series #4) Review

Breathe (Colorado Mountain Series) by Kristen Ashley

Book description...
In order to protect a father he does not respect, in Lady Luck, we learned that good cop Chace Keaton went bad, sacrificing his career and his future. But when the local police department's secrets are revealed and the wife he's forced to marry is murdered, Chace finds himself the town of Carnal's hero. Knowing how deep in the mud he was forced to sink, Chace feels he'll never get clean. The quiet, content future he envisioned of the love a good woman with whom he could build a family was now beyond his reach. The only thing he can do is find his wife's murderer.
But he isn't the only one looking.
While searching for new leads, he runs into Faye Goodknight, the town's quiet, shy, pretty librarian. Chace has long since had his eye on what could possibly be the town's last remaining virgin but he has also long since given up hope he could make her his. Faye is pure and clean and Chace refuses to dirty her with his sordid past.
Pure and clean Faye may be, but when the shy librarian is forced to go head to head with the man who she's had a crush on since he hit her hometown, Chace finds Faye is full of surprises. And he doesn't know what to do with her.

I am in love... that's right IN LOVE with yet another Kristen Ashley hero!  I don't know how she does it but Kristen seriously delivers... and I mean delivers when it comes to an amazing book.  Now I'm pretty partial to KA, and as you all know I have an addiction and I openly admit that but when I say that her books just seem to keep getting better, I mean it in the sense that they really do keep getting better.  She is growing as an author, her creative mind is pumping out these books like a well oiled machine, and every single time... she hits grand slam!   The best gift of all when it came to this book... I had the entire house to myself... no hubby and no kids... ALL DAY!  So I was able to sit back and enjoy the beautiful "Clean, Fresh Air" that came with Breathe.

Faye... Oh how I absolutely LOVED Faye.  She's got the whole sweet, shy, innocent, librarian thing going on... but she also has a lot more to bring.  All of Kristen's heroines have made me laugh in one way or another but Faye did it on a whole new level.  She had me laughing so hard I was actually GLAD my hubby was at work and the kids were with my parents for the day, otherwise they all would have been looking at me like I'd grown a second head.  Honestly, I was rolling I was laughing so hard because not only is she funny but her funny is so darn adorable that I just want to give her a hug and then let her talk my ear off about all her fraking stuff (That will make sense when you read the book).  
"I held out for a hero and I don't give a frak if you don't think you're one.  I know you are and even if you weren't one to the whole town, you're one to me and you can take that to the fraking bank."
This may not make sense now but when you get to it you'll understand.... The whole "Holding Out for a Hero" (Check out the song by Ella Mae Bowen HERE ) seriously brought tears to my eyes... because in all reality Faye knew what Chace was to her and this song and it's absolutely beautiful words couldn't have been more perfect!

Chace... sigh... I am seriously in love with him.  Probably not as much as I'm in love with Luke Stark, Gray Cody, or Sam Cooper but pretty darn close.  He was exactly what Faye knew he was going to be and everything she deserved.  Yes he was a little on the jerk side... well really on the jerk side at first but when you think about it most of the best heroes start off as just that... jerks!  

Now I searched for 2 hours after finishing Breathe for some eye candy *cough* I mean Chace visuals... I know tough job, but hey, I'm not complaining.  Sad thing is I didn't find what I was looking for, I found a lot of nice things to look at but not someone even close to the Chace I have in my head.  So I decided to give you the closest I could find.... Which is actually 2 pictures...The second one is a bit young to be Chace but there is something about the picture that grabbed my attention and made me think of him.

Chace was amazing in so many ways that I knew from pretty much the beginning there was no way that I wasn't going to fall for him.  I knew he would make me mad at some point or another and he didn't disappoint but he more than made up for it with his absolutely beautiful words.
"You in my life, me livin' in hell, feels like I've been touched by an angel."
Their road to happiness is not an easy one and they face a lot of challenges that they deal with together... well that is until... Oopsie!  Anyway, even though they face a lot of challenges they share something deep, something with roots growing so deep it's bound to be breathtakingly beautiful... and it is.  Chace and Faye... their relationship, what Kristen created is probably one of my absolute favorites so far  They balance each other out in a way that is so real you can almost feel it and see it.  Their story reminded me of what all romance readers love to hope for... Finding your perfect Hero.  I have mine and while he may be a pain in the behind at times.. I'll take it because it's him... and he is my perfect Hero just like Chace is Faye's!

Breathe (Colorado Mountain Series) by Kristen Ashley is by far one of my absolute favorite books this year.  It's in easy read in the sense that Kristen's writing style flows like silk but the story itself isn't easy... it's heartbreaking yet beautiful, exciting, and funny.  As usual I was consumed to the point that the one time I was interrupted by my hubby calling to let me know his flight landed in Charlotte I actually said to him "yeah, great, you're safe, now I've got to get back to Chace".  Fortunately for me he knows my obsession and he also got the heads up text that a new KA book had been released today and I was going to read it while I had a quiet house, so I was able to get him off the phone quickly!  Breathe is a definite read!  Chace and Faye are both so easy to fall in love with... if you're anything like me, you'll be itching to reread Breathe once you finish!

Happy Reading!


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