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Never Cry Uncle Review

Never Cry Uncle by Mia Dymond

Book description...
Often a dead-end job is so ... dead.
When Allison Campbell and Lucy Monroe learn their boss is cheating them out of bonus money, they decide blackmail is the perfect revenge. Until he ends up dead and they become prime suspects. Fearing the worst but refusing to ask for family assistance, Allison hires Luke Owens, private investigator.
Working behind the scenes are Allison's uncles (members of the notorious Scarletti family) who discreetly conspire to use the situation to their advantage. With help from Don Antonio Scarletti, now reincarnated as a two hundred pound Rottweiler known as Scar, they launch an elaborate matchmaking scheme.
Armed with honorable intentions, Luke ultimately finds himself helping the lead investigator, chasing Allison, and working for the Scarletti family all at the same time. He finds out firsthand just exactly what paves the road to good intentions.
Racing the District Attorney to solve the mystery, Allison and Luke must risk both their hearts and lives to catch the real killer.

Before I tell you about this book, I want you to take a minute and look at that amazing cover... that's right.. keep looking, nice huh?  

So, I purchased the book about a month ago but I didn't get around to reading it because my reading list just seemed to keep growing with books that I was anxious to dive into.  At first I felt bad that it was just sitting there but now, I don't and here's why... I read an extremely dark book last night, like stayed up way past my bed time because I couldn't put it down... I couldn't put it down because I was just waiting for that Ah! Ha! moment where everything clicked into place and my brain would no longer be the court in the biggest tennis match of the year.  But that Ah! Ha! moment never came and when I read the last sentence I was completely confused about my feelings.  So, I desperately needed a book that was light, easy, and fun... and that is exactly what I got with Never Cry Uncle.... except I have to confess that when I read the prologue I was seriously questioning my mental state because I wasn't quite sure how to react....

So it all starts off with Don Antonio Scarletti... who apparently has just passed away and is waiting at the pearly gates to find out what his fate will be, and since he was a bad boy.. St. Peter informs him that he will be given another chance to redeem himself in order to pass through the gates into Heaven.  Only, his chance to redeem himself is a little bizarre... He is going to be reincarnated... as a dog... Yep, As. A. Dog.... I read that and at first I thought... "Um, What?" and then I laughed.  Only Mia Dymond could come up with something that would throw me for that much of a loop and in the long run it all ended up making the story that much better.  So, he's sent back to earth to live with his niece as a dog... a dog who can communicate with 3 people... His niece, her best friend/room mate, and his brother.  But the catch is he has to help his little spit fire of a niece find her true love.

Allison seriously cracked me up... the woman had something to say about everything and had a mind that seemed to work faster than a stock car at Indy 500.  Not once did I get bored with her POV and not once did she get on my nerves.  She was fun, she was determined, and she had a sassy mouth on her that had me thinking... "If this chick were real, I would so want to be her friend".  Anyway, Allison and her best friend, Lucy, find themselves in a bit of a pickle... it all starts off with a lot of money that has gone missing and their boss who is basically accusing Lucy of stealing it.... then, Allison comes up with a plan, totally on the fly, and they begin to take matters into their own hands to get him to confess that he is the one who took the money.  But everything seems to go south... very quick... especially after their boss is found murdered.... and now Lucy is the prime suspect.

Luke is just downright amazing... he's got the whole lady killer charm with a touch of alpha male going on and he finds himself captivated by Allison... Her beauty leaves him speechless, the seductive way she smiles makes him want to lay a hot one on her, and her humor has him wanting to provoke her.  Being a PI and an ex-cop he hears word of the murder and crosses the yellow tape to do a little investigating on his own, since he has a feeling the Cops will end up calling him in for a little, under the table, help anyway.  And, as it turns out he finds himself helping his old partner... he also finds himself hired by Allison to find the real murderer... and he's also hired by Allison's "Uncles" who he believes has ties to the Mafia.... only Allison's uncles don't want to hire him to help solve the case, they want to hire him "as a distraction".

Luke and Allison both find themselves falling pretty fast for each other during the investigation and their little romance is not only full of undeniable chemistry but is actually extremely hot.  So hot that their fate to end up together was exactly that.... Fate!  Thanks to Allison's uncles and their plan to "keep her busy" Luke and Allison find a beautiful love in each other... One of those sweet, beautiful loves... that had me smiling a cute sappy little grin when I finished the book

Never Cry Uncle by Mia Dymond is a great little read that had me remembering how much I appreciate Mia's writing style and her creative way of throwing a little suspense, humor, and romance all together in an easy little read.  

Happy Reading!

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