Sunday, October 14, 2012

Full Court Press Review

Full Court Press by BreeJalil

Book description...
New town. New Boys. Enter Carmondy's life where emotionally detached Beck rocks her world, shameless flirt Anderson keeps her from falling apart and nice guy Sloan just adds to the confusion. And isn’t casual sex supposed to be simple?

Obviously you've all learned that my beautiful friend Sam is like my own personal library goddess... well she found another book and told me that I HAD to read it... she may have done a little lecturing and possibly a little threatening if I didn't listen to her... but the end result was she found another amazing book that I knew we had to share with all of you.  Here's the thing though, Full Court Press can not be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble... so make sure you follow the link to FictionPress to read this very steamy story that has a compassionate heroine, an adorable best guy friend, and a sexy as sin bad boy with emotional attachment issues.

Lori: "So, I read and finished Full Court Press"

Sam: "Didn't you love it?"

Lori: "Yes I did... Beck pissed me off a few times though"

Sam: "Well that's his job."

Lori: "I know"

Sam: "You still love him though."

 Lori: "Yes, it was kind of hard not to."

Sam: "I loved him, he's just so bad and mean and I like him."

Lori: *giggling* "You're so cute"

 Sam: "He's grumpy on a stick, I'd do him"

Lori: *snorting* "Can I put that in this review?"

Sam: "I'm glad I'm entertaining you."

Lori: "You are and that is why I love you so much, but to take a little heat off of you I'll admit to wanting to do him too... I'd love for him to... you know that thing he did with Carmondy?"

Sam: "Yeeeaaaahhh."

 Lori: "I actually wouldn't mind taking a few rounds with Anderson too… he was not only adorably sweet but quite hot."

 Sam: "Yeah, Anderson is cute."

 Lori: "Yeah, yeah, I know you prefer the bad ones."

 Sam: "So the book... it's wicked steamy and it's really hard to keep in mind that these are high school students... wait are you still on my phone."

Lori: "Yes, I'm acting as your scribe, I'm busy typing.... you can just call me your scribe virgin... oh wait, I can't even say the entire phrase with a straight face."

 Lori and Sam: *helpless giggles and a few snorts*

 Lori: "Right. Back to the book... These were definitely some freaky kids.  It was like one long sex-ed class."

Sam: "Well I definitely learned a few things."

Lori: "Hmm, yeah, me too."

Sam: "Another thing I had an issue with was the lack of parental presence in Carmondy's life."

 Lori: "I know exactly what you're saying... I felt the same way and unfortunately I have actually seen these kinds of situations first hand... it's kind of disturbing and quite sad."

Sam: "It is sad."

Lori: "Right.  Fortunately though, even though she didn't have much of a parental support system she still turned out to be a sweet, compassionate, beautiful girl."

Sam: “Yeah, she had some decent friends.”

Lori: “I liked her, even though at one point I wanted to strangle her… you know which part I’m talking about.”

Sam: “Yeah, I would have been all over that.”

Lori: “I know me too, I would have jumped him.”

Sam: “You love me, you really love me.”

Lori: “Yes I do, oh wait you’re talking about the book…”

Lori: “How did you feel about Beck when you found out why he is the way he is?”

Sam: “Of course it makes you want to put him in your pocket.”

Lori: “Not that I didn’t love him before, but seeing that interaction with his sister, just made me love him even more.”

Sam: “I know but I was really mad at him when he didn’t let her come.  I get it why he didn’t but I was really pissed off, because his sister really wanted her there.”

Lori: “I know me too, I got it but still wanted to smack him.  But I have to hand it to Carmondy when she put him in his place.”

Sam: “Yeah.”

Lori: “Thanks again for pointing this book out to me, from now on I will listen to you immediately instead of taking my time and then hearing you tell me I told you so.”

Sam: *giggles*

So big thanks again to Sam for pointing this book out to me.  I really enjoyed the entire story, BreeJalil has a creative talent that I would love to see more of.  I've already put her in my favorites so I can go back to read more of her stories.  Make sure you check this one out... here is the link to Full Court Press

Happy Reading!


  1. Wow it's 1 am and I just finished it.. Had to keep reading :) thanks for a great recommendation

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it! I had a hard time believing these kids were in High School but I still loved it!