Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Perfect Game Review

The Perfect Game by J. Sterling

Book description...
He's a game she never intended to play.
And she's the game changer he never knew he needed.
The Perfect Game tells the story of college juniors, Cassie Andrews & Jack Carter. When Cassie meets rising baseball hopeful Jack, she is determined to steer clear of him and his typical cocky attitude. But Jack has other things on his mind... like getting Cassie to give him the time of day.
Sometimes life gets ugly before it gets beautiful...

As you know I absolutely LOVE to review books with Sam!  We giggle... a lot when we talk about them.  So here is our review of J. Sterling's The Perfect Game scheduled to release on Friday Oct. 12, 2012....  

Lori:   "So I finished The Perfect Game last night."

Sam:   "It's about time cause I've been waiting to talk to you about it."

Lori:   "Well what would you like to talk about?"

Sam:   "How freaking amazing J. is."

Lori:   "I know right?  She has grown so much as an author, I'm so proud of her."

Sam:   "Me too.  She shines in this book, she's come along way since In Dreams."

Lori:    "Right!  So I loved Cassie, you know how I normally feel about heroines but Cassie really did it for me."

Sam:   "I agree.  Cassie is a cool chick.  She's funny and sassy."

Lori:   "You're so right!  She is super cool.  Her sarcastic wit reminds me of a certain someone to the point that I actually pictured her throughout the book.  Now what did you think about Jack?"

Sam:    "Jack, Jack, Jack... there is a lot to say about Jack.  I think Jack is trouble."

Lori:   "Yes, he is.  But you know you loved him."

Sam:   "I did love him."

Lori:  "Me too.  For someone who has never had an actual relationship he was pretty good at it."

Sam:   "It was the quarters.  That was pretty damn romantical."

Lori:   "I giggled at the quarters, who is that clever?  I mean really, my hubby would never think to do something that cute."

Sam:   "No, mine either, he'd be like - You're pretty....Just get in the sack."

Lori:    *giggles* "Yep, they need Jack lessons, minus the whole... you know."

Sam:   "Right!  I don't think any guy needs that kind of lesson."

Lori:   "Ugh, I was so mad at him for that but at the same time I wasn't."

Sam:   "I can't even tell you how I feel about that."

Lori:   "Let's just skip it and pretend it never happened."

Sam:   "Okay, there's a huge river in Egypt."

Lori:   "Wait was that in the book?"

Sam:   "I love you Lori."

Lori:  "Aww, I love you too.  Are you making fun of me?"

Sam:  "Nope"

Lori:  "Okay, back to the book... I know you said you loved the secondary characters... do you think J might give them their own books?"

Sam:  "That wouldn't be a bad idea.  I like Dean, he is so cute and I love how he accepted Cassie, he called her sis."

Lori:   "I know, how cute is he?  I wouldn't mind being his love interest."

Sam:   "Okay."

Lori:  "Yay, we should email J and tell her that Lori needs to be Dean's woman if she writes his book"

Sam:   "Sounds good to me.  But if you get a boyfriend I need a boyfriend dammit.  You can't get all the action."

Lori:   "Deal... but, we're getting of topic here."

Sam:   "Don't we always?"

Lori:   "Yeah, we do. Seriously though, Jack and Cassie together?  Talk about a match made in heaven!"

Sam:   "Yep."

Lori:   "Do you want to say anything other than Yep?"

Sam:   "I'm making little biscuits.... hold on.  Okay, they were just so steamy."

Lori:   "Oookayyy... are you talking about Jack and Cassie or the biscuits?"

Sam:   "Jack and Cassie dumbass!  Sometimes it was hard to see all the pain.  It just felt real to me."

Lori:   "I know exactly what you mean.  They both went through so much not only apart but together.  To me it all strengthened their bond and solidified the fact that they are meant to be together."

Sam:   "Right!"

Lori:   "So tell me my favorite li-berri-an... how much did you love this book?"

Sam:   "I really loved it and you know exactly how picky I am when it comes to books.  I'm super proud of J... as a matter of fact I want to share a quote from TPG with you:
"Have you ever noticed how pretty and beautiful words can be?  How easy it is to say the things someone wants to hear?  How you can affect a person's entire day with just a few measly sentences?"
Lori:   "I loved that quote because it's so true.  I loved this book and have to tell you that my absolute favorite quote was:
"Anyone seen my Kitten?"
Sam:   "YES!  It's on mine too."

Lori & Sam high five each other!

Go to J. Sterling's webpage by clicking HERE to enter her giveaway... looks like a pretty amazing giveaway!!!!

Happy Reading!


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