Monday, October 8, 2012

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Obviously I thought the weekend of September 28 - 30 was The. Best. Weekend. Ever!  I learned quite a few things - 

1. Colleen Hoover is super sweet for taking us all to an amazing concert... Thank you Colleen ♥

2. Tara Sivec gives the absolute best limo lap dances EVER!!

3. S.C. Stephens is as sweet as pie and I want to keep her forever!!!

4. CJ Roberts is awesome and wears the best freaking shirts in the world!!!

5. J. Sterling has the worlds best booty and can shake it like there is no tomorrow!!!

6. Rebecca Donovan has some kick ass dance moves!!

7. Jillian Dodd wears some of the most amazing accessories ever and I totally want to mimic her style!!

8. Sam Baer is the master at cleaning up dribbled beer, serenading me to a dirty song and snuggling in bed - Wow, that sounds dirty ;)

9.  Jenny Aspinall physically abuses cab drivers and gets away with it because she's so cute!!

10.  Becky Kimmerling totally rocks the adorable pregnant thing while walking 1000 miles before a limo finally picks up!!!

11. Tressa Sager is the best when it comes to finding treasures in my cleavage!!

12.  Christina Collie is one of the cutest girls I have ever met and we love her!!

13.  Sarah Hansen is amazing at ordering a Denver Omelet Kellan style!!

14.  Ho-Larious Mollie knows how to pleasure herself like no other!!

15.  Tarryn Fischer is the prettiest photo bomber I've ever seen!!

16. Luscious Leanne has some kick ass car dance moves!!

17.  Generous Gitte has amazing boobs!!

18.  The bouncers at The Cunt *cough cough* I mean Hunt Club on Rush Street know how to make a girl feel young!!

19.  The drunk dude at the Avett Brothers Concert is awesome!!

20.  My D-Bags tattoo knows how to jiggle all on it's own!!

Along with many more that are probably better left in Chicago ;)

Watch our slide show video below...

When it comes down to it, even though I'm still exhausted and recovering almost a week later, I wouldn't change a thing and can't wait to spend more time hanging out with all of the amazing people I met!

Thank you to all you lovely women for making this trip one of the most memorable!  I love y'all!

P.S. - See Leanne, Mary, Becca, and all the others that thought I'd end up arrested... I can totally do Chicago "Lori style" without ending up in handcuffs!

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