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Rock Chick Redemption (R.C. #3) Review

Rock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley is another satisfying treat that will leave you drooling for more.... more of the Hot Bunch that is!

Book description.....
Roxie’s on the run from a bad boyfriend who will not catch the hint that it is o-v-e-r. She’s in no mood for love at first sight, but when her eyes fall on Hank, it’s trouble from the get-go. Roxie tries to hold Hank at arms length but Hank wants to be a closer (as in, a lot closer). Roxie’s trouble catches up with her and Hank wants to help but Roxie knows in her heart that she’s no good for a white hat guy. The problem is no one agrees with her, especially her crazy hippie best friend Annette or her parents; the even crazier small-Indiana-town Herb and Trish. Toss into the mix the gang from Rock Chick and Rock Chick Rescue and Roxie finds herself totally outnumbered. Climb in for another Rock Chick wild ride through Rock Chick Redemption. As the odds stack up against Roxie, she has no choice but to hold on and just ride it out through the kidnappings, car chases, society parties, a riot at the strip club, Hank getting “Mom Bombed” and one crazy night at the Haunted House.  During all this Hank works at convincing her she really wants to stay and he, along with the Hot Bunch, go all out to make her safe. Hank also needs to work on showing Roxie that her past decisions don’t mean her future can’t include something as downright delicious as… normal.

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE this series.  Kristen has done a fantastic job of creating these stories that keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for what's going to happen next.... in every way possible.  There is no doubt how much this series has captured my attention...... of course having the Hot Bunch tends to help keep that attention ;)

Roxie... who happens to be Tex's niece and boy is she stubborn just like him.... comes out to Denver for a visit with her uncle and to try and get rid of her good for nothing ex once and for all.  I really liked Roxie... but... I didn't ♥ her.... her character build up was awesome... perfect actually but there was something about her that I just couldn't get over... something the other Rock Chicks don't seem to have... and that something is what kept me from absolutely loving her.  It's stupid but I just can't help it.. I mean I really felt for Roxie, like felt for her to the point of I had tears in my own eyes and I understood the pain she went through, the feelings of thinking you're not good enough.....but even with all that I couldn't actually get over this one little thing and just adore her... and I really hate that I didn't because in all reality Roxie was an amazing woman... she's beautiful and I'm not saying her looks.... of course she's beautiful but I mean her beauty on the inside is just amazing...

Moving on.... So Roxie is in Denver to visit with... actually meet... her Uncle Tex and put her plan to ditch the ex for good in motion.  When meeting Tex for the first time she also lays her eyes on one very handsome hunkalicious man with whiskey eyes....

..... Sigh ..... Hank.... wow.... just.... WOW!  Okay so I'm sitting here wondering if it's possible for Kristen to find a way to perfect a man anymore than she already has.  I mean Lee and Eddie were both their own versions of Male Perfection but now we've got Hank.... Hank 'Whiskey' Nightengale.... I can't decide what it is about him that just screams.... worship me, you know you want to.... but Sweet Jesus, he is hot!  He has that whole sweet, boy next door charm about him... YET... he is still that total Alpha Male that carries that bad boy vibe too...that... well we all know is just irresistible!   This is my Hank visual... thank you to my girls Gitte and Bridget for helping me confirm that this could indeed be Whiskey ♥ although Michele and Jenny both said he could be Gray (from Play It Safe) too... hmmm tough decision because both those boys get my blood boiling...

Hank, just like the rest of the Hot Bunch knows what he wants and intends to get it without wasting anytime... and when I say that I mean Hank moved in there FAST....
"Sweetheart, I'm thirty-five years old and I've had a fuck of a lot more lovers than you counted on your one hand last night.  I've come to the point, with women, that I know what I want when I see it and I haven't seen anything in a long time that interests me as much as you."
Needless to say Roxie is under the impression that she will be moving back to Chicago or going to Mexico or something like that so even though she doesn't want to give into Hank she still does.  Unfortunately the next morning Roxie is kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend from Hank's house.  It's three days before she's found by one of the Hot Bunch boys and taken back to Denver only she does NOT want Hank to see her looking this way... which is understandable... I mean I wouldn't want that sexy Adonis to see me like that either, not to mention I think Roxie definitely deserved some time to sort herself after what she had to endure, I get totally get it Girl and feel your pain but you better not keep that sweet, sexy man waiting.... so she's taken to Tex's.

Hank tries... he really does but since she continues to push him away and then proceeds to admit she loves her ex..... he decides he's done and goes as far as to make sure he no longer shows any kind of emotion towards Roxie or her decision to press charges against her ex... I have to say I was so mad at Roxie for pushing him away but I can't deny that I understood where she was coming from.... I mean the poor woman just lived in hell for three days and needs time to come to terms with what just happened.... BUT.... I think she should have taken that strong shoulder he was offering and leaned on it to get the strength she needed and deserved!  It doesn't take long before it comes out that she is not STILL in love with Billy but that she loved him... as in past tense, slight misunderstanding there lol.... Hank comes flying back in and wow.... I don't even know how to express how I feel about him and what he did other than to say... yes please..  So they get back into being a 'them' and it's really quite beautiful and I have to say that because Roxie is so dazzled by Hank she doesn't quite have the chance to fight him and Hank... well he's so damn sweet he doesn't hold his feelings back especially after hearing "She's the One"
"You are 'She's the One'."
I gasped.  "I am not 'She's the One'," I snapped.
"You're completely 'She's the One'."

How can you resist a man that is not afraid to admit that he has not only waited to meet the girl... his version... in this song but yet he will argue with you so you know his feelings are real and they are starting to run quite deep!!!... Roxie, girl.... how can you resist him?

These are just the beginning of Hank and Roxies problems... well mostly Roxie's problems but Hank being... well... that hot possessive alpha male ready to take care of what's his... steps in and tries to take care of Roxie's problems so she can sit back and have fun with the Rock Chicks.  WOW... do those Rock Chicks have fun or what?.... the stuff they do and situations they find themselves in are down right hilarious... sad but totally true thing about this is... I can so see my girls and I doing all that stupid shit and lovin every minute of it just like our awesome Rock Chicks..... And now I can't help but picture the R.W.S.S. lovelies and I painting the town our own crazy version of Red.... Vegas anyone??

It is no secret that I absolutely ♥ Kristen's books...  I don't know how she does it but Kristen's books have this hold over me... I mean I have absolutely loved every single one that I've read so far... and yes I have read the entire Rock Chick Series and let me just tell you that Rock Chick Redemption gives you a small taste of the fictional love of my life...sigh....   Anyway, this series is awesome... And Rock Chick Redemption is most definitely an awesome addition to the's got everything you could possibly want in a book... or at least it's got everything I could possible want in a book.... Hot Guys, Beautiful Strong Girls, amazing friendships, a beautiful love story, hilarious action, some emotional moments... good and bad, and best of all a Happily Ever After that will leave you smiling for days because you have grown to care so deeply about these characters you can't help but feel the deserve what they've found in each other!

I highly recommend Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick Redemption!  Just like all KA books it will leave you wanting more of this amazing series... or craving more of those gorgeous Hot Bunch Boys... or if you're like me and become addicted... it will leave you simply craving more of her books!

Happy Reading!

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