Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tequila Truth Review

Tequila Truth by Mari Carr is an extremely hot short read that will leave you hot, bothered, and asking for more.

Book description....
One's the loneliest number. Two's company. Three's a fantasy come true. The rules of Tequila Truth are quite simple. Shots are poured, a question asked, and only absolute truth can be the answer. Kylie Halston has been playing the game with her roommates, Colt and Heath, since their freshmen year of college.On his twenty-fifth birthday, Heath poses a question: "What is your ultimate sex fantasy?" While Colt and Heath's fantasies are too hot for words, it's Kylie's sex dream that hits a little too close to home for all of them. Her wish? For a menage a trois with two men, complete with bondage and a bit of spanking for good measure.  Colt and Heath are only too willing to make Kylie's fantasies come true and they make a proposal—one no-holds-barred, sexed-up weekend where nothing is off the menu. The only question is, come Monday, will their platonic relationship survive the passion?  
Warning, you will need to crank up the air conditioning before reading as this title contains all the following erotic goodies: explicit sex, menage a trois (m,f,m), anal sex, spanking, bondage, and graphic language.

***Warning to my readers*** This is not a typical review for me... if you don't like what you read in the warning above then brace yourself.  I tried to use my language wisely in hopes that I don't offend anyone but I have to say that at the end of the day these reviews are my opinion and my opinion alone.  I love reading and love to share my feelings on the books I've enjoyed.  Please take in to consideration when reading any of my reviews that all of them will contain some foul language as the books themselves contain foul language.  If it upsets you to see any rude words in my reviews then chances are you're going to be upset with any of these books.

Wow... this book was, as my girls say, Hout... like crazy Hot!!!!  Now if it's not obvious by the book description or the warning this book was extremely detailed, gave amazing descriptions of kusse and pik.  

Kylie, Colt, and Heath have lived together for seven years.  They have an amazing relationship and all get along amazingly.  Kylie is so sweet.. no where close to being a Taeve but yet she still keeps both Colt and Heath in line... well as much as she can considering.  Kylie has fantasies that she desperately wants to come true and one night of playing Tequila Truth has her confessing to Colt and Heath what she's been secretly desiring.  

Months go by and both Colt and Heath have been struggling with the way they view Kylie now... before they found out about her fantasy they looked at her as their room mate, their best friend... but now... well now they see a beautiful woman they'd both love to Kneppe and they'd like to kneppe a lot.  

While Heath is out of town on business, Colt comes home early from work to find Kylie in a less than comfortable situation... actually a real Lort situation...  Kneppe... he's mad at not only what he finds is being done but at her as well for putting herself in such a vulnerable situation.  So he decides to talk to Heath about what they need to do with their "Little Darlin'".

Kneppe....It was amazing to watch these long time friends and room mates come together to share something special together that was only supposed to last a weekend and end up realizing their arrangement should last longer.   Lort.... it was hot and sweet all at the same time.  Can't say I wouldn't mind being in a situation where I could have a pik or two for that matter.

If your looking for a short, hot, extremely sexually gratifying read then you should definitely check out Tequila Truth by Mari Carr

I was on the hunt for the perfect book to recommend to my Anonymous commenter who was appalled by use of words in a previous review.  I hope this review is more to your liking and I have officially dedicated this review to you!

Thank you to my lovely friend Gitte for this recommendation... you're a Gem honey ♥

Happy Reading!


  1. Kneppe me...I really need to read this book:)

    1. I know right? Kneppe me it's awesome girl!

  2. lol. What language are your dirty words? You crack me up, leave it to Lo to figure out a way to cuss without saying the actual english version rofl.

    1. LOL Brit... I'm not telling because that would be giving my secrets away. But I will say that I've got a few different languages I may or may not use when writing my reviews from now on :)