Monday, June 25, 2012

Behind the Scenes Interview with Kellan Kyle

So, one of my amazing girls, Jenny Aspinall, got the opportunity to interview Kellan and Griffin from S.C. Stephens Thoughtless Series.  Because she is such an awesome friend and I totally bribed her with baseball tickets, she let me join her.   So with that, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet Kellan and Griffin from the D-Bags.  I tried to keep my mouth shut as much as possible since this was Jenny’s interview and I was just there as moral support but you all know how sometimes I just can’t help myself... not to mention this IS Kellan and Griffin (sigh, yes, Griffin).  Here is a snippet of the interview in Jenny's Point of View  (and some behind the scenes banter)-  I hope you enjoy.......

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ 

I’m just sitting in a hotel room waiting for them to arrive and I have to say, I am beyond nervous. 

Oh my, Kellan has just walked in - (just for the girls) he's wearing faded blue jeans which are sitting on his hips, a white tee shirt shoes!  Omigod, my cleverly masked control is slipping because Kiera is with him and I am in awe.
She is absolutely beautiful.  Kiera and Kellan are so stunning, they leave you breathless.
Griffin, large as life walks in, drops a few expletives, gives me a bear hug and sits next to them.

Jenny: *Shaking her head at Lori & stage whispers* Why are you adjusting your cleavage.... again?
Lori:    Are you kidding?  Look at them, they’re hot.
Jenny: *Looks over at Kellan and her jaw drops to her chest*
Lori:  Jenny... Jenny, close  your mouth honey *reaches over, with her hand on Jenny’s chin and closes her mouth.*  You’re drooling babe... deep breaths!

Jenny:     Hi everyone thanks for taking the time out of your tour to talk to us.  There are so many      questions to ask, I don't know where to start.  Kiera it's so nice to meet you, this is unexpected but I'm so happy you're here
Kiera:     (Blushing) I...can't believe I'm here either. (Looks over at Kellan) I was told we were going out to eat.
Kellan:     I said I had to make a quick pit stop first
Kiera:     You didn't mention that your "pit stop" was an interview. I thought we were just going to get your shoes back from Matt. (Looks confused) Why does Matt have your shoes anyway?
Kellan:     (Glares over at Griffin) Because some nimrod thought it was funny to chuck 'em over the balcony
Griffin:     (Smiling ear to ear) And it was funny. Did you see that tiny little dog peeing on one?
Kellan:     You're officially uninvited from dinner, Griff.
Griffin:     No way, I'm coming with whether you want me to or not. I'm fucking starving.
Kiera:     I apologize in advance for Griffin

Jenny:     Kellan, can I ask you what bands influence your music and what you’re listening to at the     moment?
Kellan:     Oh, wow, that's a tough one for me. I'm a lover of all music-- (Griffin interrupts) Even polka?
Kellan:     (Ignoring Griffin) I grew up with classic rock---AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd (yay!!)---    but I'm a huge fan of Linkin Park (yay), Hinder, Papa Roach, Seether. I'm easy to please.
Griffin:     Yep, that's what they say.

Jenny:          Griffin/Kellan, what is your favourite song of all time?
Griffin:     "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. It's my theme song.
Kellan::     You have a theme song...really?
Griffin:     Doesn't everybody? (Eyes Kellan up and down) Yours should be "I suck and Griffin's the Man" 
Kellan:     (Sighing) Why did I invite you along?
Griffin:     Because, like I said, I'm the Man
Kellan:     God, this is going to be a long interview.

Jenny::      Do you see yourselves doing a world tour down the track and more specifically, would you come to Perth (please say yes) if so, be sure to bring The Boss, I owe her a Vodka and you     know she’s addicted to Tim Tams!
Kellan:     Oh yeah, we're definitely heading down under!
Griffin:     Dude, you just said down under. (Smirks) I was just there an hour ago.
Kiera:     Griffin! God, you're disgusting
Kellan:     Anyway, yes, at some point we plan on visiting Australia, among other countries.
Griffin:     (Snorts) Down under
Lori:     *Looks over at Jenny*  Do you see why I love him?
Jenny:  *Shakes her head at Lori...again* I thought you were happily married?
Lori:       I am... we have one of those list things... you know a free pass kind of thing.  D has Megan Fox and I just happen to have Griffin
Jenny:  Why did I let you come again?

Jenny:     Kellan, would you get another tattoo and if so where? Griffin same question to you.
Kellan:     No, there's nothing else I want on me
Griffin:     I think I'm going to get a junk tatt
Lori:       *Looks over at Jenny and whispers* Now that I’d like to see... Now, do you see why I love him?
Kiera:     Classy
Griffin:     What? It's awesome. You'll only get to see all of it if I really like you. (Wiggles eyebrows suggestively)
Kiera:     (To Kellan) Can you leave him at home next time?
Kellan:     It's like you can read my mind

Jenny:      Kellan, where did you get the idea for the notes you left Kiera when you went on tour last                   time?
Kellan:     I...just...
Griffin:     (Smacks Kellan's arm) You left her love notes? Dude! Should I grab Kiera's purse     before we head out so you can get your balls back?
Kellan:     (Ignoring Griffin) I just wanted to make sure she knew how I felt
Jenny:  *Shares a knowing sweet look and sigh with Lori*
Kiera:     (Kisses his shoulder) It was very sweet - (these two are just adorable)

Jenny:      Kiera, did you just melt when you kept finding those notes (I know the whole female     population did)
Kiera:     (Turning bright red) Wow, these questions are turning really personal. Um, (Bites lip) yeah, of course. Who wouldn't? (Griffin raises one hand while pretending to jack off with the other)

Jenny:    Griffin, are you excited at the prospect of becoming a father and do you have any advice for other 'would be' fathers out there?
Griffin:     Uh, yeah-- ( Sorry, Lori’s clearing her throat to get Griffin’s attention.  She has a gift for    Griffin.  Griffin’s just opening it. Wow, this is so awkward. It’s a pair of knickers!)   Why does she have to encourage him?)
Griffin:     Fuck yeah, awesome!
Lori: *Smiles over suggestively at Griffin and gives him a saucy wink*
Jenny: *Looks at Lori with wide eyes*  Are you kidding me?
Lori:  What?  They’re just a pair of panties.  I hear that Rock God’s *Smiles at Griffin* love to collect them
Jenny: *Shakes her head*

(Lori and Griffin are having some sort of sign language conversation – she just wants to ask a couple of questions – I’ll have to let her or we’ll never get this finished.  Go ahead Lori,  if you must!)

Lori      Kiera - I'm sure being on the road with the guys, you're seeing and hearing a lot     of "interesting" things. So I'm curious to know, as an author, are you finding a lot of     inspiration?
Kiera:     More than I ever thought possible. (Smiles over at Kellan) I'm actually the most inspired when I watch him on stage. He's...something else. (sigh....)

Lori:      Kellan - When it comes to writing a song... what or who is your biggest inspiration?
Kellan:     (Looks down) Uh, for my earlier stuff, it was just life in general, the ups and the downs.     (Looks back at Kiera) I think it's pretty obvious who has been inspiring me lately, though     (I think I just fainted!)
Lori:     *Looks over at Jenny* OMG.  These two are so cute!

Griffin:     God, if this gets any sappier, I'm so outta here.
Lori: *Blows Griffin a kiss* Griffin, you ever want me to interview you.... in private.. I’ll make sure it’s far from sappy *Winks*
Jenny: For heavens sake Lori, you are something else.
Lori:   What?  I was just telling him if he wants his own interview sometime that I would love to do    it.
Jenny: Uh huh!
Lori:    Honey, you’ve got to get your mind out of the gutter here *Looks over at Griffin, smiles and winks* I could have suggested the interview be in the nude.....
Lori      Griffin - After reading Effortless my love for superheroes changed, I'm now a big fan of the   Hulk... who's your favorite?
Griffin:     Ah, Lori, I've managed to turn everyone I've ever met into a Hulk fan.
Kiera:     Not everyone, Griffin
Griffin:     (Sniffs) You just haven't given me the opportunity yet, Kiera
Kellan:     Griffin...
Griffin:     Just joking, man. Relax. To answer your question, Lori, I'm a big fan of Cat Woman. (Grins) A giant pussy wrapped in skin tight leather? What's not to love? (no comment)
Kiera:     Griffin! Small children might read this interview!
Griffin:     Pussycat, Kiera. It's a technical term
Kellan:     It really isn't, Griffin
Griffin:     Whatever. I didn't mean it like you guys thought. (Jerks thumb at Kellan and Kiera) They always have their minds in the gutter. It's embarrassing. (Smirks)

Jenny:      Lori, I can’t believe you just asked that!
Lori:     *Shrugs* What? I couldn't help myself and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know"
Jenny:     "Why did I let you come in here again?"
Lori:     "I'm going, I'm going. Bye Kellan, Kiera, and Griffin . It was a pleasure to meet y'all"
Lori: *Gives Kiera and Kellan a hug* *Sits down in Griffin’s lap to give him a little peck on the cheek*
Jenny:  Lori!
Lori: I’m going!  You’re awfully pushy tonight, but I still love you and I’ll have your cocktail waiting *smiles and winks at Jenny*

Jenny:    Sorry about that, where were we? Can you tell us your most embarrassing experience (mine was watching Griffin unwrap Lori's present)
Griffin:     Nothing embarrassing ever happens to me.
Kellan:    Uh, I've said some really, really stupid stuff when I've been drunk...yeah, I don't even want to go there.
Kiera:     Smart move.
Kellan:     Yeah...beautiful day today, isn't it? (good save!)

Jenny:         We’ve been told that SC is writing a book another book about you all, any idea when that might be available or what it will be called?
Kellan:     She won't tell me yet. She just says she's over halfway through it, and it's starting to really come together. I'm taking that as a good sign. Oh, God, the title, though. She's driving me     crazy with that one. Every five  minutes she's tossing another 'less' word at me, trying to get     my opinion. I told her to just title it TL3.    
Kiera:     Titles are tricky. I sympathize with her.
Griffin:     How about Kellanless? It could be an "all Griffin, all the time" book .(ahhh no thanks)
Kiera:     Well, then it would need to be named Classless or Tasteless    (boom!)
Griffin:     Or Suckless. (Scrunches brow) Wait, no, that's not good.  (not touching that one!)
Kiera:     (To Kellan) Please stop him. (Kellan smacks the back of Griffin's head)

Jenny:     Good luck with the tour and thanks so much for your time, we really appreciate it.
Kellan:      Thank you for having us. We really appreciate it  (swoon)
Griffin:     Any fucking time! (Smells underwear from Lori) Now, let's go eat!  (ewwww)
Kiera:     Thank you. That wasn't nearly as embarrassing as I thought it would be. (Leans in) And again,     I apologize for Griffin  (Kiera is divine! Could I love her anymore?)

Saying our goodbyes, we all hug (yes, Kellan hugged me....I think I just died)!

Lori:  *Looking at Jenny who is wide eyed, with a big smile on her face, and you can just see the giddy energy rolling off of her* Hey babycakes, I have your drink right here... you need it?
Jenny *barely holding in the squee'ing* YES! *Throws back her drink in one gulp*
Lori: Jenny, we just met 2 of the D-bags.... YOU just met Kellan Kyle
Jenny:  OMG Lori, I just met Kellan Kyle... THE Kellan Kyle... OMG I need another drink
Lori: I'm all over it, let's get your another drink *Stands to get up*
Jenny/Lori  *Launch at each other hugging and jumping up and down giggling and screaming their excitement*
Jenny:  Lori?  There are people starring at us
Lori:  So, we just met Kellan, Griffin, and Kiera... let them stare
Jenny: You're right... I just met Kellan... OMG I just HUGGED Kellan.  OMG you just gave Griffin a pair of your knickers you naughty girl
Lori: *Sigh's dreamily*  I know, isn't he so cute.  That dirty mouth of his...
Jenny: *Laughing at the look on Lori's face* I know, I wish I would have copped a better feel of Kellan when he hugged me
Lori:  You should have, You should have grabbed a nice hand full of that adorable-
Jenny:  LORI!  *Sigh's* You're right, I should have *Sigh's* OMG We just met Kellan and Griffin.
Jenny/Lori *Launch themselves at each other again hugging and jumping up and down giggling*
Lori: Come on honey, we've got some phone calls to make, and we've got to get this interview down so we can share it with the world
Jenny:  *doing the happy dance* I just met Kellan Kyle!  *Looks at Lori and starts giggling*
Jenny/Lori *Link arms and dance their way out of the hotel*

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ 

Eeek!  Now I'm even more pumped up for Thoughtless 3!  The teasers S.C. has been posting on her and Kellan's facebook pages have been killing me.... they're awesome, but I want more!  I am ready for more Kellan and Kiera... and of course more of the D-Bags!

To see the full interview... minus the banter between Jenny and I... click HERE to go to the amazing Maryse's website to check it out!!!

Happy Reading!


  1. ohhhh myyyy fuuucckkking gooodd !!!!!!
    i have never been more proud of my girls !!! lori baby next time u see griff u make sure to pass on my knickers to lol ......gret job babies this is just tooooo awesome !!!

  2. My sister's Lori and Miss Jenny are a couple of perverted females. Even though I have NO idea who these people(Kellen, Griffin, & Kiera) are I think you two handled yourselves semi professionally and performed a solid interview. LOL