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Interview with Author Frankie Rose

 Frankie Rose, the Author of the amazing novel Sovereign Hope took the time to sit down with me and answer a few questions.  Check out my review of Sovereign Hope Here and make sure to check out the book... it's an amazing story of a girl who is meant to change the world for the immortals.  The way Frankie portrayed the immortals in this captivating story was different than what I've seen before.. it was extremely interesting and kept me wanting more... so much more that I'm already anticipating Eternal Hope (Book 2).  Sovereign Hope is expected to be released on July 1, 2012.

Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to read Sovereign Hope!  I'm excited that you're taking the time to sit down with me today to talk about being an author and a little about Sovereign Hope.

Can you tell me a little about yourself? 
    Hey, Lori! So I guess I was in my early twenties when I realised I wanted to write books. I'd loved writing poetry for a long time before that, and I kind of by-passed the idea of becoming an author because I was more interested in impacting people with short, powerful pieces than sitting down and writing 120,000 words. I just didn't ever think I'd be able to do that, either. 

But then I realised that you can reach more people through book writing, and the journey can be so much more fulfilling if you take someone on an adventure with you in a novel. It's a very special feeling when someone tells you that they've enjoyed your work and they lost themselves in a world you created. 

I can't say that any one person inspired me to become a writer. If anything it was all the amazing authors that I've read endlessly over the year, who gave me so much from their writing. I wanted to be able to do the same thing!

I know every author is different... some just let the story talk to them and some write an outline, where do you find your inspiration for the story? 
I get inspiration that generally starts off as a little seed of an idea in my mind, and I like to sit down and brainstorm from that idea initially. I like to think about events that would be linked to that initial thought, and who would be involved. What type of people they would be, and what their relationships with one other would be like.
Once I have all of that down, I definitely like to plot the story chapter by chapter. This gives me a great opportunity to really get to know my characters before hand, and also prevents me from getting side tracked by unplanned events, etc. It makes for efficient writing that has purpose instead of pure rambling!!

Are any your characters.... *clears throat* like Daniel.... based on any real life people?

Alas, no... He is purely a figment of my imagination... I am currently trying to find the perfect person to be Daniel on the cover of Eternal Hope, though, so maybe he is out there! Anyone who has read the book and has a firm picture of Daniel in their mind can submit a pick of their own to the Operation: Find Daniel page on my website!  

What is your all time favorite book?

I get asked this question a lot and it's really hard to answer. My favourite book depends entirely on the day I'm having and my mood. I love American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and I also have a space reserved in my heart for The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Recently, I read Slammed by Colleen Hoover, who is an awesome indie author, and that book was fantastic. I highly recommend it. 

Do you listen to music while you write?  If so, what helps you maintain your focus? 

No way! ha ha... I can't listen to anything. I have a very nasty habit of typing what I'm hearing, so that could end badly, especially with some of the music I listen to! I do have music run through my head when I'm imagining how scenes play out, though. It's usually epic music like Florence and The Machine or sometimes Rage Against the Machine. Both machines... Occasionally, it'll be something chilled out and relaxed for the more intense scenes, like The Heart and the Hand or Bon Iver. I love Bon Iver. 

If you could pick one or two songs to describe Sovereign Hope what would it be?

Ahhh, wow. Hum. I'd like to say Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine, and Derezzed by Daft Punk from the Tron:Legacy soundtrack they did. I don't know whether anyone else will ever have Daft Punk playing through their heads when they read my book, but I imagined it a lot. Maybe that's just because I LOVE Daft Punk, ha ha... 

The other day, I was flicking through my Ipod and a song by Bat For Lashes came on, called Daniel. My ears immediately perked up because of the name, and the lyrics are spookily related to the book. I'm not sure about the sound of the song for Sovereign Hope, but, like I said, the lyrics were eery! Check it out!

Who is your favorite Character in Sovereign Hope and why? 
I have to say Daniel. I'm sorry, people are probably sick to death of authors saying their male protagonists, but it's not because he's hot. It's because there are so many qualities to him, and because he's been seriously screwed over in the past- more than people will know just from reading Sovereign Hope- and I'm a little protective over him. He has this facade that he's constructed to keep himself from being crushed any further, and that makes it hard for him to open up to anyone, including Farley. 

I wish I could ask you more questions about the book, but I'm afraid to give anything away to readers... but I will ask this...Sovereign Hope has an amazing take on immortals... one I haven't seen before.  Can you tell me what inspired you to write a paranormal book?

I read a lot of other paranormal books because they were recommended to me by friends, and some of them were soooo good, but for the most part they were all about vampires and werewolves. I wanted to do something totally different, or at least try for a twist on something new, anyway. That's where the Soul Reavers came from. I wanted them to be slightly more realistic than vampires, in that they lived off a person's actual life force instead of their blood. That's always confused me- why blood could be a sustaining factor to an immortal- when it's just another part of the body. The human soul is what is essentially eternal, and that is what the Reavers steal. 

Thanks again for joining me today and for the chance to read your amazing novel.  I look forward to reading Eternal Hope.  I can't wait to find out what will happen next!

It's been lovely talking with you, Lori! Thanks for having me. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of Eternal Hope, too. All we need to do is find the guy to go on the cover!!
I have to say that Frankie is such a sweet woman who is extremely creative and witty.  I look forward to more of her work and wish her nothing but the best as an author and in life.  Thanks again Frankie!
Happy Reading!

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