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Blog Tour: Trophy Husband Review & Guest Post from Lauren Blakely

Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely 

A sexy new romance from the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely...

Sometimes you can't help falling in love, even when you try to do the opposite...Successful fashion blogger McKenna Bell has spent far too long protecting herself after the way her ex-fianc√© left her at the altar for a college chick he met the night of his bachelor party. Loving again, trusting again, well, that's just not in the cards. Especially now that her ex is back in town with his new woman, demanding custody of McKenna's favorite creature in the whole world--her dog. No effing way. McKenna's had enough of him, and she decides to even the score by finding her own hot young thing -- a Trophy Husband. Sure, she's only twenty-seven, but doesn't that make it even more fun -- and infuriating to her ex -- to pursue a younger man? When she declares her intentions on her daily blog, her quest quickly skyrockets in popularity, and that's when Chris enters the picture, and he’s got all the assets. He's handsome, successful, and turns her inside out with a kiss to end all kisses, the kind that makes you feel like a shooting star. But loving again could mean losing again, and it's so much easier to focus on getting even, isn't it? Unless, you just can't help falling in love. Which means McKenna will have to come face to face with what she really wants in life -- protecting her heart from hurt, or letting go of her fears of a new beginning.

There is absolutely NO DOUBT that Lauren Blakely has got some serious talent... especially when it comes to not only making me fall head over heels for these awesome characters but she makes me laugh out loud... and I'm talking holding my gut while I bend over Laugh out Loud!

McKenna is one of those easy to connect with and charming characters.  She's had one heck of a rough year and all I can say is... she's a better woman than me.  I would not sit back and come up with a plan like "The quest for the Trophy Husband"  I would be plotting some serious revenge - like daily trips to the library to use their internet access in order to google hit men, or dress in all black and go key his car in the middle of the night, or hire a hooker to show up at his doorstep and tell him he better pay some serious child support, or any other number of very mean things I could come up with.  (Don't judge me, I went to an all girls Catholic High School for years... so I know all about the perfect vendetta!)  BUT, McKenna isn't like that... she's sweet, she's funny, she's loyal, and she's determined!

I seriously couldn't get enough of Trophy Husband... like I'd love more because I loved these characters.  Even though it was a smokin' hot read, I think there were times when I enjoyed reading McKenna and her friends more than McKenna and Chris - Who by the way is one of my newest book boyfriends!!!

If you're looking for that perfect beach read with some serious LOL moments for the summer then you definitely do NOT want to miss Trophy Husband!

Check out this awesome Guest Post from Lauren Blakely (Thanks so much Doll for stopping by - BIG HUGS) on her inspiration for Trophy Husband... and as usual with everything Lauren gives us... it's hilarious!

Aliens, Mark Wahlberg and Trophy Husband

By Lauren Blakely

You might wonder what aliens and Mark Wahlberg have in common. Well, barring any revelation that Mark Wahlberg is an alien (though I contend its possible - a doting dad and husband and a nice, smart, successful, ripped movie star? Totally must be an alien), the two are my inspirations for my new novel Trophy Husband.

To be fair, the title first appeared to me in thin air - demanding a story to go along with the notion of such a rare breed as a trophy husband -- but the next steps were in finding the heart of the story.

And that came from aliens and the man formerly known as Marky Mark. Let me explain by sharing two deleted passages. These are from earlier drafts of the novel, and while they didnt make the final cut, they did inform my approach to the story.

In Chapter Two, McKennas friends encourage her to pursue a hot young thing as part of a turn-the-table quest.

Heres the passage from McKennas best friend Hayden that was cut...

Hayden chimes in. “And look, I know Im the only married one here, and I have another mark against me for having a kid gasp but I think I can speak for all married women in the world when I say that wed love in some parallel universe, of course to get our hands on a younger guy. I mean, if aliens came and took my husband away, God forbid, Id want a hot young thing.”

Erin laughs. “I like how she puts the God forbid in there. Like shes really just dreading the husband-snatching aliens.”

Now, heres another deleted snippet from later in the story when McKenna calls Erin.

What are you up to?,” Erin asks. “I was just watching the latest Mark Wahlberg movie with
the volume down.”
And youre fast forwarding to the shirtless parts, arent you?” I say, shaking my head in appreciation. I know this girl, I love this girl.
I find he does his best acting when his shirt is off.”
So if the aliens came for Pete –”
“–God forbid,” Erin interjects.
Never forget the God forbid when it comes to the aliens. Anyway, itd be Mark Wahlberg for you, huh?”
Yes, but Id make him sign a prenup to never wear a shirt in my presence if he were to be my boy toy.”

Now, would I really go for a hot young thing under such a sci-fi scenario? Who knows, right? But I believe there is a universal appeal in the fantasy of the beautiful younger man and all that he can bring to the table. So I turned the tables in Trophy Husband and sent my 27-year-old heroine on hot pursuit of such a piece of man candy.

Whether McKenna finds a boy toy or the love of her life - well, read the book to find out!
And if you see any husband-snatching aliens who replace your man with Mark Wahlberg, even for a night, let me know!



Lauren Blakely is an unabashed fan of clever jokes, toast, and good guys in novels. Like the heroine in CAUGHT UP IN US, she thinks life should be filled with movie kisses and coffee drinks. Lauren lives in California with her husband and children, and spends her days writing both true stories and make-believe ones.
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