Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jaded (Jaded #1) Review

JADED by Tijan 

Sheldon doesn't care about anyone except Corrigan and Bryce. The three of them rule their school, but it seems someone else wants in on the action or that someone else just wants Sheldon. How many bodies is enough to prove their love to her?

This book is dark and edgy with sexual situations, drinking, swearing, murder, and more messed-up parents.

There are numerous things that I love to see in my books and there are also numerous things that I despise reading in my books.... The funny thing is when I find a book that has not only a few of the things I love but a lot of the things I don't particularly care for all in the same book and I still can't put it down until I've devoured every single word... I know that I've found myself not only one heck of a fantastic book but one heck of an amazing author.

Sheldon is that girl that every girl secretly wants to be but may never admit.  She's popular and her two best friends are the hottest boys in school and have her back no matter what.  She's independent and has managed to still turn out okay (even if she kind of is a mean girl) after the way her parents have completely disregarded her.

Then  there is the relationship with Bryce and Corrigan... it's beyond tight.  They love each other and have created their own little family.  The dynamic was pretty special and I loved that Sheldon had them considering everything else she had to go through.

I've read quite a few of Tijan's books here lately and let me tell you this author knows how to take edgy to a whole new level.  She's able to put things that normally turn me off and make me understand them!  Angst lovers will absolutely LOVE this author!  Jaded was one of those books and as much as I would love to read the next in the series... I'll probably hold off, not because I don't think it's going to be good (because I'm sure it will be) but because I'm happy where the book ended... actually I'm extremely happy where the book ended and considering I'm a spoiler hunter (I troll Goodreads reviews looking for spoilers in books because I'm one of those people that needs instant gratification) I saw a few reviews that may or may not make me think less of some characters that I absolutely adore!  As you can tell JADED definitely has a Happily Ever After (For Now)! 

Happy Reading!

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