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Interview with Cooper and Jackson from J. Sterling's In Dreams & Chance Encounters

So I recently contacted J. Sterling... who is an amazing Author...ummm, I mean Authorball! and asked her if I could get an interview with two of her absolutely amazeballs male characters... Cooper Donovan and Jackson Parks!  I wanted this interview to be fun because well... it's always fun to see how guys are going to answer questions... especially guys who are from two amazing books... and because I want my interviews to be different... it seems that everyone asks the same questions and since I thrive on being myself... instead of the norm... I decided to just have... Fun!  These two guys had me in a fit of laughter... so enjoy!!!!

Cooper vs. Jackson interview

Who's hotter & why?
The guys are looking at each other, laughing.
Jackson: *shrugs his shoulders* Eh, that Donovan is pretty good looking for a kid.
Cooper: Kid? *laughs* What are you- a whole 3 years older than me?
Jackson: Something like that. But everyone knows that older equals manlier. And manlier equals hotter. So I win.
Cooper: Alright grandpa, you're hotter.
Lori: Really, Cooper... you're hot and all and I'd totally go all cougar for you but you saying that Jackson is old makes me feel really old
Cooper: Jackson's the one who said he was old! I just agreed with him. You should probably cut him out of this interview... you know, for making you feel so bad about your beautiful self.
Lori: Look at you trying to get rid of Jackson and totally trying to kiss my booty for making me feel old.... I’d totally kiss you all over right now for that compliment but I don’t want to upset Katherine!
Cooper: We cannot have an upset Katherine! But really, does he even need to be here? haha
Lori: *Sigh* 

If you had your pick of any girl other than your own who would you pick and why?
Both guys shout out at the same time, talking over one another.
Cooper: Shut it Jackson. I'm going first! If you know anything about me at all, then you'd know that there is no possible way that I could even think about any other girl other than Katherine. Things with me and other girls... they don't tend to work out so well. And Katherine had me hooked instantly. I guess that's what happens when you share more than one lifetime together. You're connected. There is no other girl for me.
Jackson: First of all, this question is horrible. lol But really, once you've found that person you know you're meant to be with, it's almost possible to imagine your life without them in it. I'm pretty sure that had I not met Caroline on the plane that day- and for whatever reason, had our paths never crossed- i'd be fairly content just being a bachelor. That is, until Tommy came home with a mail order bride one day or something. I just seriously can't see myself with anyone else but her.
Lori: Awesome answers guys and I have to admit that this was a trap question and both of you passed with flying colors...*muttering under my breath & hoping the guys didn't hear* but I was secretly hoping you'd both say Lori... because she's amazeballs.
Jackson: Well the obvious answer is YOU, of course, Lori. But I know Caroline will read this. And I don't want her to sick Bailey on you or something. She scares me.
Cooper: Wimp.
Jackson: I got your wimp right here.
Lori: Damn, You weren’t supposed to hear that but I’ll totally take it.

Baseball or Football?
Cooper: FOOTBALL! Hands down, football. *looks at Jackson* football is manly.
Jackson: Typical. I'm a Yankee fan through and through.
Cooper: Really? The Yankees? Could a team be more bought and paid for?
Jackson: *rolls eyes* Is that the only argument anyone has? You're all just pissed that your team can't afford the players they want. Plus, how can you hate a team that has 27 championships?!? Twenty-seven!
Cooper: They bought the best team in baseball... of course they have 27 championships. They should. Watching them win is like watching your dog get excited when you're about to feed him. He knows what's coming, but he's flipping out like he's never been fed before.
Jackson: That's a stupid analogy.
Cooper: I know. It's the first thing that came to me.
Lori: Hate to say it Jackson but I have to agree with Cooper here, as a matter of fact you may have lost some cool points just for being a Yankee's fan... You want a good team to watch? Come to St. Louis and check out the Cards... best baseball town and we are #2 when it comes to winning championships, I'll even buy you a hot dog!
Jackson: You can't hate a guy for loving the team he was raised on. That's just rude. But I'll take you up on that offer.
Lori: I’ll make you wear a Cardinal’s Jersey babe... No Yankee’s gear in Busch Stadium and since you’re so adorable I’ll even buy you a beer.
Jackson: I'd never let you buy me a beer, sweetheart. I'll buy YOU one. And maybe i'll just wear a non-baseball shirt, I can't wear a Cardinals jersey and not get disowned. 
Lori:  *Totally fans self.... Did Jackson Parks really just call me sweetheart?*

If you could pick anyone to play you in a movie (other than yourself) who would it be?
Matt Lanter (Liam on 90210)
Jackson: Caroline is always going on and on and on and on and on about how "dreamy" and "hot" the guy who plays Liam on 90210 is. So whoever that is. He should play me.
Cooper: I never pegged you as the 90210 type, Parks.
Jackson: I do NOT watch the show. I'd never hear the end of it. Plus, Caroline couldn't even get Alex to watch it with her, how do you think she'd get me to?
Cooper: I hear at least once a week that I look just like this guy, Joshua Bowman. I really don't see the resemblance, but what do I know?
Joshua Banter
Jackson: Do you have his picture?
*they look him up online* 
Jackson: YOU DO! That's crazy! You two totally look alike! I mean, everything but the eyes.
Cooper: *squints his face* If you say so, grandpa.
Jackson: If that Liam kid won't play me in a movie, I'll take Donovan here. He can play me.
Lori: *Laughing at the guys*

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
Cooper: It was during a game. I was skating in fast for a goal and I tripped. I didn't know how to stop myself, so I slid right into the goalie, took him out and sent the actual net crashing into wall. But along the way, I didn't let go of my hockey stick- and I tripped the ref. It was a mess.
Jackson: *cracking up* How old were you?
Cooper: Maybe 10.
Jackson: And that's the most embarrassing thing you've done? When you were 10 years old?
Cooper: There was this one time, when I drove around in my Jeep without a shirt on- and these girls asked if they could see our tan lines...
Jackson: Yeah, yeah. We've all heard this one before.
Cooper: I don't really do a lot of embarrassing things. What about you?
Jackson: I'm not really the embarrassing type either. I leave that title to Tommy.
Lori: Neither of you have ever done anything embarrassing? Come on, one of you had to have at least made a fool of yourself in front of a girl or something!
Jackson: Other than how I acted around Caroline?? No girl's ever made me act so stupid before. She's lucky I love her.
Lori: Aww, now you’re just as sweet as can be. Caroline is one lucky girl.
Jackson: I'm the lucky one. Sincerely.

How much do you LOVE the Vampire Diaries?
Jackson: I swear Caroline watches this show. She's only gotten me to watch- no, forget it. I'm not even going to admit it here.
Cooper: Ah, come on! What is it? Gossip Girl?
Jackson: You probably watch Gossip Girl by yourself.
Cooper: Oh yeah, with all the spare time I have- I definitely spend it watching Gossip Girl.
Jackson: You would.
Cooper: What was the question again? Vampire Diaries? I don't even know what that is honestly. But I think vampires are pretty cool- not necessarily the ones that sparkle. Sorry ladies, that's just dumb.
Lori: Wow... Jackson Parks watches Gossip Girl, I think you just won back your cool points but lost some manly points in the eyes of men.
Jackson: Lori, you're killing me here. I think I just put our Cardinals date on hold.
Lori: OMG Jackson, I’m thinking I’m going to let Cooper call you a wimp again.
Cooper: Oh yeah! Take that Jax!
Jackson: What just happened here?

What would be the best super power to have and why?
Cooper: I want to fly! I know it's cliche, but how cool would flying be?
Jackson: It wouldn't be as cool as being INVISIBLE!!!!!
Cooper: Oh, that's a good one. I still want to fly though. But no capes. Remember what that lady on The Incredibles said?
Jackson: NO CAPES!
Cooper: I think we just lost all our cool points.
Jackson: You're the one who brought up the Disney movie.
Lori: Don't worry guys girls find that kind of stuff cute... but honestly I'm surprised by your answers, most men would pick x-ray vision!!!
Cooper: We're not most men.
Jackson: Yeah. We're better than most men.
Lori: Yes, I’m seeing this... Can you give my husband some pointers?
Cooper: Have him read the book.
Jackson: Yeah, MY book.
Lori: *sigh*

Would you like to say anything to J. Sterling's Fans?
Jackson: Oh hell yeah! You ladies are the best!!!! Maybe I should change my answer up there to if there was no Caroline, I'd be dating all of you!
Cooper: Not if I date them first.
Jackson: I'm the more manly one remember? I get them first. You get sloppy seconds.
Cooper: This interview has just taken a very weird turn.
Jackson: Seriously though, it's been great getting to know all of you. Thanks for liking mine and Caroline's story.
Cooper: I'm really excited for everyone to read about our other lifetime and get to know all of us better. Hopefully, you'll still love me more than you love Jackson after you read it.
Lori: Thank you to both of you adorable boys for taking the time to answer the extremely silly questions and actually doing it without complaining. Jackson as much as I loved getting to know you I have admit I'm sad that we won't be spending anymore time together in any books...maybe you can sweet talk J. into a sequel to CE or a cameo in another book? Cooper, I look forward to spending more time with you in Before the Dreams! Give your girls a hug for me.....
Jackson: Oh, I like that idea! Maybe you will see me in another book after all?
Cooper: I'm going to try to sneak into Colleen Hoover's next book. Don't worry, I'll bring the rest of the gang with me.
Jackson: You're always trying to one up me.
Cooper: I don't have to try that hard. I have 3 books and you only have 1.
Jackson: I hate you.
Cooper: No you don't.
Jackson: No, I don't. I can't hate the guy who's going to play me in a movie.
Lori: I honestly think I’d be in heaven if you appeared in a Colleen Hoover book Cooper...Here I thought I was too young for them but I’m getting hot flashes just thinking about all the male hotness in one book... I mean being around you two has been hard enough!
Cooper: I'm going to have my people contact her people. Taylor and Eddie would love each other and don't you think Katherine and Lake- um, am I allowed to call her that? Probably not. Well I think they'd love eachother too. And Will's last name? It's like we're meant to be buds.
Jackson: Seriously. What keeps happening here?

If you haven't checked out In Dreams (The Dream Series #1) or Chance Encounters I highly recommend you check them out A.S.A.P.  Not only are the books absolutely amazing but so is the woman who wrote them.... not to mention you'll get to spend time with these two hotties  Smiley

Happy Reading!


  1. I am muttering because they didn't say Sam. What the hell? Sigh.

    1. LOL...I know Sammy... I love you though.

  2. Omg!!!! Lori and Jenn well done! That was awesome!!' seriously freaking lived it. Who said Cooper and Jackson (fans self) aren't real!
    You know I love you guys ex oh ex oh!!!!!!!!

    1. HA! They are SO real it's not even funny... I mean Jackson and I have a date! :) Love you babycakes....muah!

  3. LOL- they are funny! i love this! and them! and colleen hoover! that wench! :)

    1. Well they definitely had me in a fit of laughter and a few hot flashes because they're so darn adorable.