Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Conspiring with The D-Bags very own Hulk...

The other day Sam and I were talking about our upcoming trip to Chicago and how we were so excited to see Jenny and get to hang out with all these awesome people... and then it dawned on me... "I need to do something extra special, something no one would ever think to do as a way to welcome Jenny to the US, Lori style."  So I informed Sam of my little plan, of course like me she wants to welcome Jenny to the US in the most unique possible way and of course said yes.  So I got busy... With a D-Bag... One of my favorite D-Bags at that!
Check out my text messages with the infamous Griffin of The D-Bags!

Now that you the basics of our plan to get Jenny off my back about the groping and fondling and how I took advantage blah blah blah.... Make sure you come back on Thursday and see exactly what we plan to do....

**Character of Griffin was used with permission from author S.C. Stephens.**  

**Big thanks to the beautiful Renae for all your help with the amazing graphics.**

**Created by  Jenny Aspinall  (totallybookedblog.com) and Lori Francis (Lorisbookblog.blogspot.com)  September 2012**

  **A special thanks goes to Sam Baer for your help and input in all this craziness…..you're all kinds of crazy and we LOVE it!! xx**


  1. This is awesome! Only you would find a way to text a fictional character.

  2. OMG Kellan? In Chicago? Really? I will love you forever if you get him there

  3. This is hilarious. I can't wait to come back Thursday to see your full fledged plan of action.

  4. Lmfao !!!! Ohhh my lorikins !!!! U freakin crack my shit up !!!! U know u will still have to gorse Jen to grab KK 's package coz she will be all " I don't want to upset keira " ..... My hint is feed her some vodka & she will be easier to convince ;) ohhh & GET PICTURES 4 ME !!!!!

  5. thanks for sharing.