Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Giveaway Hop - Mari Carr

Quotes from Misplaced Princess 

“Why did you kiss me back there?”
Shit. Hunter was hoping she’d forget that little tidbit. The answer was simple—pure, instant animal attraction. He’d been worked up and horny as shit after his encounter with the blonde in the bar.
What he told her was different, and he tried not to wince at his own cocky, arrogant tone. “When a pretty broad throws herself at me, I’m not likely to refuse.”
Her eyes narrowed. “I didn’t throw myself at you. If you were any sort of gentleman, you would have told me who you were right away.”
“Kind of hard to talk when someone’s got their tongue in your mouth.”
“You put your tongue in my mouth first.”

“I’m writing a four-part series about life on a cattle station. And I’m supposed to interview a real live Aussie cowboy.”
She looked at him hopefully—and he knew he was in trouble.
“I’m a stockman, Annie. We’re called stockmen over here, or grazier, if we’re being more formal. Which we’re not.”
“Oh. Okay. Then I need to shadow a stockman.”
She lifted one shoulder as if to ask why not. “I’d intended to interview Dylan, but he’s not here and likely won’t be for a while. The first piece is due in three days and once I start, I sort of need to stick with the same cow…er, stockman.” She really expected him to take her back to the cattle station? Let her follow him around for two weeks watching him work? How was he supposed to keep his hands off her if she was under his roof and his bloody brother was half a world away?
Dylan better get his arse back Down Under, and quick.
Otherwise, this was not going to end well.

 Characters from Misplaced Princess

Hunter Sullivan - An Australian stockman, he's a no-nonsense man who takes the responsibility of running his family's cattle station very seriously. He doesn't have time for love and he teases his twin brother, Dylan, for his romantic tendencies.

Annie Prince - daughter of a mega-millionaire. Her family gives the Kardashians a run for their money, constantly seeking the attention of the media. Her sisters have their own reality show, Life with the Princesses. She struggles to be taken seriously as a journalist and she's tired of men only asking her out because of her family's wealth and fame. While under the influence of too much wine, she signs up for an online dating service.

Mari is giving away one signed copy of Dangerous Curves.

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  1. I'd sign up for that dating service if I could meet Hunter & Dylan. Mari knows how to bring awesome heroes to life


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