Sunday, September 2, 2012

Guest Post from Author Sydney Logan

A Big thanks to Author Sydney Logan for stopping by today and telling us a little about herself.  Well actually she is going to give us her thoughts on encouraging someone to be themselves regardless if you agree with their choices or not... something that is important to me because in my eyes everyone deserves to be who they are meant to be.   

So please give it up for Syndey...... 


Thank you to Lori’s Book Blog for welcoming me during my blog tour!
As a writer, I find it difficult to not interject pieces of my personality into my stories. While Lessons Learned is definitely a work of fiction, I can’t deny that there are aspects of Sarah Bray’s personality that intersect with mine.
Like Sarah, I grew up in a traditional town in the South (but not quite as conservative as the fictional community of Sycamore Falls). Growing up, I preferred record players to Barbie dolls, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is still my favorite 80s movie. Like my heroine, I also struggled with certain aspects of religion. I have always been a Christian, but it took many years (and several churches) until I found a comfortable pew. Luckily, I was raised by two parents who didn’t “force” me to believe in anything – religious, political, or otherwise. They taught me to be an honest person and to think for myself.
They also taught me that I don’t have to necessarily agree with someone in order to be kind to them, which is the heart of my debut novel, Lessons Learned.
I love free-thinkers. I love people who don’t conform. I love people who formulate their own opinions. And a person doesn’t have to be militant about it. I’m a firm believer that you can have traditional values and beliefs (whatever your traditions are) and still be kind to another human being.
In a world full of labels, it’s sometimes hard to march to the beat of your own drum.
Are you Republican? Democrat? Catholic? Baptist?
Do you like country music? Heavy metal? Opera? Rap?
Does it matter?
It shouldn’t.
Be you.


Again, Thank you so much to Lessons Learned Author, Sydney Logan for stopping by today and talking about encouraging someone to be themselves.  

If you haven't done so yet make sure you add Lessons Learned  to your Goodreads shelf.  I loved this book, it was touching in so many ways that I couldn't help but fall in love with each of the characters.  Check out my review (here).  I'm sure you will love it too... just make sure to have the kleenex ready!

Happy Reading!

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  1. *waves at Sydney* Best of luck, sweetie. I'm off to buy your book now :)

  2. Can't believe it's almost here. but everyone's forewarning for kleenex is very foreboding...i'm a definite crier... 'Damn you Scuba Steve!'

  3. Oh and to answer your question by being myself (once i get comfortable with the person) and letting them know that I won't judge them no matter what they say or do. It's one of the things my best friend George has told me drew him to me initially and allowed him to open up to me (he's gay, but can't tell his family)

    1. Give George a big hug for me. I'm sure it can't be easy to not be yourself in front of your family ♥