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The Mighty Storm interview *insert naughty smile here*

As you probably guessed not only from the title but also if you've already seen the post over at Totallybooked I was allowed the honor of meeting the boys of Samantha Towle's The Mighty Storm.  Unfortunately... or if you have a naughty sense of humor like myself... fortunately... Stuart, the boys PA made a bit of an error and scheduled my interview for the same time as the beauties over at Totallybooked.  I LOVED the idea... I'm not sure how they felt about it at first but I think by the end of it they were okay I was there since I was asking the questions they really wanted to know the answers to.... because of course... I have no shame!

Here is where I got a little bummed.. Shortly after we completed the interview and compared notes I ended up spending a few days in the hospital because of some nasty stones that decided to take up residence in my kidney and then decide to cause all sorts of problems.  So because of this and because if I actually shared with y'all what I'm thinking during this interview I'd probably end up arrested.... I'm so going to cheat here and share Jenny's POV of the interview with you.  We had so much fun with this and just in case you forgot when you read my review of TMS... Tom is so mine!!!


Hi everyone,  Jenny from Totallybookedblog here. Gitte and I have just arrived at the recording studios in LA to interview The Mighty Storm!

We’re in the green room (I think that’s what it’s called) waiting for the band to arrive – they’re just finishing up a session.

What tha? Lori from Lori’s Book Blog has just shown up…….what’s she doing here?

Lori:       Hi Girls, what are you two doing here? I’m so excited, I’ve got an interview with those hot boys from The Mighty Storm guys at 5pm – (*looks at her watch*) and that would be right about now actually

Gitte:    ummmm that’s impossible because we have an interview with them at 5pm

Stuart (The group’s PA) walks in – hmmm someone has some explaining to do! – mind you, he is so gorgeous I don’t think he needs to explain anything!

Stuart:  I am so sorry ladies, it looks like we’ve double booked the interviews. I was wondering if your sassy little asses wouldn’t mind holding a combined interview seeing as though you all know one another

Gitte:    Sure

Lori:       Sounds good to me  (*Grins and winks at Jenny & Gitte*)

Me:        More than fine with me, but Lori I’m warning you, you better behave! Remember what happened last time when we interviewed the D-Bags together?  Please tell me you haven’t brought a pair of your knickers for Tom or Jake.  Have you?

Lori:       Who me? ( *Bats her eye lashes at Jenny*)  I’m a new woman Jenny…new leaf and all that. Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth

(Gitte and I exchange a “we’ll believe it when we see it” glance)

Me:   Yeah right, sure Lori, sure!

Gitte:    I think this is going to be interesting!

Lori:   This is going to be so much fun (*She has a mischievous smile on her face and I can tell she is up to something*.) 

Stuart leaves to grab the band

Jake (lead singer, guitarist) walks in and I think my heart just left my chest and my legs can’t support me.  For the love of god this man is just divine.  All hot, tattooed, alpha rock god and ALL man!! Hold us back. Talk about sex on legs!

Tom (bass guitarist) is close behind him and OMG!  He is has a body and face to die for.

Denny (the drummer) is more reserved than the other two but wow, he’s got the whole rock star hotness going on as well.

So, there you have them.  The Mighty Storm….ummm did these men all ingest hotness pills or something because honestly, we can’t stop our eyes from darting from one to the other…this is a man candy feast to end all man candy feasts.  Oh yeah, where were we……oh that’s right…we’re here to interview them…Dayum they’re fine!!!*)

Tom:      Hello ladies, what a fine set off pussy’s we have here before us. (*grins*)

Denny: Dude! (*gives Tom a look*) Excuse him girls, he lost his manners when … actually he’s never had any manners. All I can say is sorry, and brace yourself for Tom.

Tom:      Yep you’ve got me all to yourselves girls, these ass-hats are pussy-whipped nowadays.

Jake:      Is pussy your favorite word or something?

Tom:      Abso-pussing-lutely!

Lori:       Hey guys, great to meet you – (*of course she goes in for a hug straight away – at least she didn’t grope them this time!*)

Gitte:    Ummmmm……..Hi

Me:        Yeah….what they said (*gulp*!)

Jake:      I fucken’ hate interviews.  Mind if I smoke?

Me:        “We’ll try and be gentle with you (*god, I can’t believe I said that! this man makes me lose control of my faculties*s) s-s-sure,  go ahead” (*it’s Jake Wethers – if my husband asked me that I’d nag him about the dangers of smoking and how much they cost, but this is JAKE WETHERS so I could care less*)!

Lori:       So Tom, I hear you’re the bad boy “love ‘em and leave ‘em” type of guy?  (*oh, no here she goes – she just can’t help herself*!)

Tom:      Now that would be telling Lori – hmmm I’m looking at you and for some reason I’m thinking of motor-boats.

Jake:      Not pussy’s?

Tom:      Hey, I’m interchangeable when necessary (*winks at Lori*)

(*We all have a laugh and Lori hitches up her boobs – she’s such a tease!*)

Lori:       Well, you’re only human Tom, and they are pretty spectacular if I do say so myself, aren’t they Jenny?

Me:        Yes Lori, they’re very impressive, now get them out of my face. (*we giggle*)

Gitte:    Will you girls behave!!! Denny, how was your recent tour? Were you well accepted?

Denny: It was amazing. It was always going to be a tough one … you know…..under the circumstances..… but the fans made it awesome for us.

Me:         Jake, can you tell us which bands are your biggest influence?

Jake: (*takes a drag of his smoke*) Rolling Stones, The Doors, Cash, Eagles … too many to name. I was brought up listening to the old rock, Tru’s dad Billy, was heavily into that kind of music so it influenced me right from the start, but I love the newer bands too … NIN, Oasis, The Killers, Kings of Leons.  (*We just all sighed – this man has a voice and look that screams sex!*)

Lori:       Jake, how many tattoo’s do you have and do you have them “everywhere”? (*whaaaat?*)

Jake:      I have the sleeve on my right arm, fuck knows how many on left, my chest tat, and I have one on my back – it goes down over my butt. I’d invite you to count them gorgeous, but Tru would have my ass.

Lori:       (*whispers to me*) I think we’d  like to have his ass Jenny, if you know what I mean (*I giggle – oh god AND I’m blushing….I’m going to kill her!*)

(He looks distracted and keeps looking out the window into the foyer – ohhhh Tru is talking to Smith, their session guitarist and I don’t think Jake likes it…, Smith has that whole hot surfer thing going on! No wonder Jake’s feeling a bit jealous!)

Me:        Jake, you seem a bit distracted, would you like Smith and Tru to join us, we don’t mind.

Jake:      Um, yeah(*stubs his cig out and gets up to go get them both*)

Me:        Hi Tru, Smith, so nice to meet you both.  Tru, we’ve heard so much about you.

Tru:     Hi (*gives a little wave as she sits next to Jake who is holding her hand – she is so sexy in an innocent sort of way. She is just stunning!*)

Gitte:    How do you like living in LA Tru?

Tru:      It’s taken some getting used to, it’s a lot different to back home, but Jake’s made it an easy transition. (*looks lovingly at him. He tucks her hair behind her ear, and kisses her hand- these two are smoking hot*!)

Lori:     Tom, I’ve got a present for you (*Oh no she hasn’t?? She promised*!!!)

Tom:    Is it pervy? Because I love pervy presents, from hot skirts like you. (*grins*)

Lori:      It’s one of my favourites but I’d like you to have it as a memento (*tell me she did not just give him her bra*!)

Me:        Lori, you told me you didn’t bring any underwear to give to them ….I warned you to behave!

Lori:       No babycakes, you asked if I brought “knickers”…you didn’t mention a bra, and girlfriend, you should know me by now ….behave?  HA!  Besides, I can’t give him a pair of panties if I’m not wearing any! Pfffttt   (*she’s cracking up laughing and darn it if she isn’t making me laugh too – she really is just too cute to be annoyed at*.)

Gitte:    My Julie (*that’s GG’s nickname for me btw*), do something – she just took her bra off to give to Tom! I can’t believe she did that

Me:        Oh you better believe it GG, and trust me, there’s no stopping her now, she’s on a roll

Tom:      (*Holds the bra up*) Hell girl, if you fill these then you’re definitely coming home with me!

Jake:      Dude, do you ever stop?! (*Jake laughs*)

Tom:      If she comes home with me, it’ll stop me staring at Tru’s boobs all the time. (*Looks across at Tru’s boobs*)

Jake:      How do you feel about moving to LA, Lori?

Lori:       (*Gives Tom a very appreciative glance and looks back at Jake with a flirty smile on her face*) I could definitely move to LA  (*she really looks like she’s considering it too*!)

Me:        Let’s get this interview back on track.  GG, do you have a question for the boys?

Gitte:    Do you think you will get another guitarist for The Mighty Storm?

Jake:      At the moment we are happy with the way things are. Smith fits in well with the band, so going forward, we’ll have to see. (*we hope so, Smith is divine!*)

Me:        Jake, what is on your Ipod now?

Jake:      Arctic Monkey’s new album, and Kasabian, oh and I’ve been listening to Fleetwood Mac a lot recently. *(I need to leave him my Jack White album to listen to I think*!)

Lori:       Denny.   Jake and Tom have names for their “bits” – have you named yours yet? (*Somebody call Security*!!!!!)

Denny:  Not me … but Simone has.

*(I can see Lori’s mouth opening before Denny has even finished speaking.  I need to stop her before she asks*)

Me:        (*ahem*)Denny, I hear you play keyboard as well – preference, drums or keyboards?

Lori:      (*Whispers to Jenny*) Party pooper  (*I’m giving her the “glare”*)

Denny:     Drums without a doubt. I love to sweat it up on the kit.

Lori:       (*Whispers to me*) I’d like to sweat up his kit too, hee hee (*she is incorrigible*)

Gitte:      Are you going to be touring England?

Jake:      Absolutely. Sometime next year for sure.

Gitte:    That’s fantastic. Can’t wait to see you in concert!

Lori:       Jenny, I have an important question.  Do you mind if I butt in and ask it?

Me:   Sure, go ahead, you’ll do it anyway.  Keep it clean!

Lori:       Of course babycakes…I always do (*she’s winking again! I don’t like this!!*)…….I need to know, boxers or briefs?  (*Omg! This woman is out of control….all this testosterone is making her crazy*!)  I’m guessing whatever they are they’re HUGE  (*oh lord*!)

Jake:      Boxers.  (*We hope they’re really tight ones – well I’m just saying what you’re all thinking*!)

Tom:      Commando.  (*Lori just gulped! Loudly*!)

Denny:  Boxers.

Smith:   Boxers.

Stuart:  I’m with Tom on commando.  (*GG, just nearly passed out*!)

Lori:       Nice!  Tom and Stuart, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours… (*GG and I giggle, she’s really naughty but she does make us laugh)

Me:        Well, you can’t show them your knickers if you’re not wearing any!

Lori:       That’s just the point Jenny…..they’re commando too! Get it?  (*sweet baby jesus save me!*)

Gitte:    Wow, Lori. Just Wow!

Stuart: (*Laughs*) Well as nice as that sounds Lori, the lack of bulge under that pretty little skirt of yours is making me keep mine, in mine. (*winks*)

Lori:       I know honey but I just could not resist!  You are just such a beautiful sight with clothes on I couldn’t help but try and get you out of them!

Me:        Jake, name a song that reminds you of Tru?

Jake:      You Make Loving Fun, Fleetwood Mac.

Tru:        Really? (*she smiles*)

Jake:      Really. (*Gives her a loving smile*)

Tom:      (*coughs – pussy-whipped*)

Jake:      Dude, if you had a girl like mine, you’d happily be pussy-whipped.

Tru:        Well, I prefer the term – in a loving relationship, but we get your meaning, baby.

Lori:       Tom, what’s your favourite song to listen to during sex? (*hmmm, I think we’d like to know this one…purely research purposes you understand……………he’s hot and I’m intrigued*!)

Tom:      Get You Wet by the Plies  (*OMG I know that song, it’s really naughty and he’s deliciously bad*)

Lori:       HOT!  If you’re anything like the song then you’re a very generous man and sound like you’d make a woman purr for hours.  I seem to have a soft spot for Easy E’s Gimme That Nut! (*why doesn’t that surprise me*.!)

Gitte:    How is the new album coming along? (*thant god she seems to be in control*)

Jake:      It’s coming good. I’ve had a lot to inspire me recently. (*glances at Tru*)

Lori:       (*Whispers*)  it’s coming good….I bet you wish he was coming good don’t you Jenny?

Me:        OMG! Lori.  Behave!

Gitte:    OMG!

Tom:      It’s gonna be a chicks album.

Jake:      Is it fuck!

Tru:        Don’t worry girls, you can tell the fans that their bad boy of rock is still here, he’s not completely pussy-whipped, as Tom would put it. (*phew*)

Me:   Tru are you still working at the magazine?

Tru:        I am. I’m working on my column out of LA, and I’m also writing up the bio. Vicky, my boss, has been awesome about the move.

Jake:      You don’t need to work at all (*said in a lowered voice to Tru*)

Tru:        I know I don’t need to work, but I want to. (*gives Jake a firm look*)

Me:        Anything you want to say to your fans guys?

Jake:    Thank you. Sounds a bit lame, but the fans have stuck with us through all the shit we’ve had to go through this past year and if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have had reason to keep going.

Lori:       What are you doing later on?

Tom:      You.

Lori:       Mmhmm, and what do you plan on doing to me?

Me:   (*interrupting as Lori moves to sit next to Tom and they start whispering to each other*) How about a drink?

Tru:        Ooh, we could go do some Karaoke?!

Jake:      Oh God.

Me:        OMG, can we sing Journey songs? (*Whoopsie, got carried away. but I love Karaoke!*)

Tru:      Jenny, I think I might love you! Journey on Karaoke is the only way to go! (*I love this girl*!)

Gitte:    I’m in!

Tru:        Yay! (*she claps her hands excitedly*)

So……the interview ended.  We went partying with Tru, Stuart and The Mighty Storm.  We took two days to recover but boy did we have fun!
It’s now a week later and GG and I are sitting at the bar waiting for Lori to arrive so we can compare interview notes.
Oh here she comes now.  She looks mighty pleased with herself – naaaw how cute, she’s humming a song.
Wait a minute… she humming what I think she’s humming?????  Good lord, she is!! She’s humming Get You Wet by the Plies.!

Lori:       Hi Babycakes.  Hi GG!

Gitte:    What’s that you’re drinking Lori?

Lori:       Oh… It’s one of those energy drinks

Me:   Does that say what I think it says?

Lori:       Huh?  Oh yeah… it’s a Pussy energy drink, Tom said I needed to replenish my energy and decided he’d share his pussy. (*Winks at Jenny and Gitte*)

Me:        You are so bad!

(*Lori has guilt written all over her face – GG and  I share a knowing glance*)

Me:        Lori, you didn’t?  (*pretty sure she did*)

Gitte:    I think she did

Lori:       (*tries to look all innocent*) Didn’t what?

Me:        You’re humming Tom’s sex song!!!! (*I’m feigning the whole horrified look but really….I want details……..lot’s of details!!!!*.)

Gitte:    OMG! Did you Lori? Did you bag a rock star???

Me:        GG, do not encourage her.  We don’t want to know Lori. Wait a minute, maybe we do.  No, we don’t……..oh hell I think we do want to know!   (*damn her – I really do want to know*!)

Lori:       What goes on tour and all that

Me:        Like hell sweet cheeks! Spill! Right now! We want details!!!

Me:        (*to the bartender*) 3 shots and vodka chasers……this is going to be a long night!

Lori:       Better make it 4 my love…….this story is gonna make you blush

Gitte:    This should be interesting

Me:        And juicy

Lori:       Well, you know how I was dirty dancing with Tom??? (*sheesh, how could I forget!!).  Well, when we left the nightclub we caught a cab to his apartment and ......  

that’s it folks, that’s all your getting! As Lori said, what goes on tour, stays on tour
Thanks for reading and we’ll give your love to the boys from The Mighty Storm…oh you can bet we will!!

Jenny Lori and Gitte


I'll tell you what... I absolutely LOVE doing interviews with these girls... especially Jenny because she blushes so easily and even though she refuses to admit it she wants to know the answers too.  I'm not sure if she'll invite me along and/or be okay with a mistake with the next interview but just in case... give me some ideas on presents I can give these smoking hot rock stars!  

If you haven't picked it up yet make sure you check out The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle... You will love it!

Happy Reading! 

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