Monday, September 3, 2012

Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Giveaway Hop - S.L. Carpenter

My name is S.L. Carpenter and I'm a writer and an artist, a husband and a father, a slave to the wife and an inspiration to other people I don't know. I call California home and have been here my whole life. I know...poor me.
I've been writing my special brand of insane little stories for many years, but it's only been in the last decade that I've managed to persuade folks to publish them. I expanded my backlist to include single titles, anthologies and several books co-written with my writing partner (and webmistress) Sahara Kelly. My most recent books are available at Samhain Publishing.
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 Love Song
The lights, the crowds...the success that comes with fame and fortune. For rock star Ami it's a double edged sword and eventually drives her into a headlong flight away from it all!

The last thing she's expecting is to be rescued by the one man who can make it all right.

Excerpt -
Edward was a gentleman, but having a sexy woman changing in the back of his car was a hard temptation to resist.
Wow, she has a nice body. She peeled off the layers of clothing and he watched her in the rearview mirror, feeling a sudden urge to pull over and help her out of her clothes. It was the least he could do, right? He quickly shook off the thoughts and forced his concentration back to driving since he was swerving wildly in his lane. A pair of oncoming headlights on the two-lane road really helped the focus.
His jeans threatened to rip at the crotch when he glanced back again and stifled a groan as she slid her black thong off her feet and flung it into the front seat. His thoughts were now freaking him out.
A blaring horn and oncoming headlights jerked him back into the real world and Ami flopped around in the back seat. He almost cut off the car in the lane next to him when he swerved back into his lane. The other driver flipped him off as he passed.
Didn’t the asshole know he had a seminude rock singer in the backseat? Edward thought for a second, What the hell am I doing in the front if I have a sexy babe in the backseat unclothed?
Ami plopped back into the front seat. “Well I found this T-shirt and a pair of camouflage shorts. It’s ironic that I’m wearing camouflage since I’ve got to go commando on the underwear.”
The thought made Edward bite his lip. A little voice from between his legs whispered, “Commando? I think we need to do a special reconnaissance mission over the area.”
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