Monday, November 26, 2012

Cover of Darkness (Suspense Series #2) Review

Cover of Darkness by Kaylea Cross

Book description...
Targeted by a terrorist cell, Bryn McAllister survives a bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut only to be left to die in a desert cellar. When she is rescued by Navy SEAL Lieutenant Declan McCabe and his team, Bryn must rely on the handsome officer to get her to safety. But just when she thinks the nightmare is over, family friend and legendary CIA operative Luke Hutchinson recruits her and McCabe to help track down the terrorist mastermind responsible for the attack. With Bryn determined to see the terrorist brought to justice, Dec joins up to protect her, prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her safe during their dangerous mission. Battling the explosive attraction between them, Dec fights to keep his distance from her so he can do his job and keep her alive. But when plans fall apart and Bryn is captured, he must make the agonizing choice between his duty as a SEAL and the life of the woman he loves.

Calling all Military Romantic Suspense fans - Seriously, Go buy this book... like Right now!  It blew me away and has moved Kaylea up in my favorite Military authors.  Between Pamela Clare, Catherine Mann, and now Kaylea Cross my addiction of those fine military men will be fed and fed good!

As far as heroines go... Bryn was a breath of fresh air.  She's strong, loyal, loving, compassionate, and stubborn!  I admired her strength because there is no way I would be able to go through all she did and then sign on for more.. I can honestly say I do not have the mental capabilities to hold it together the way she did.  Her loyal, loving, and compassionate nature was simply beautiful... she was extremely unselfish and wanted to help in anyway she could... even if that meant putting herself in grave danger.  Thank goodness she had one hotter than hell Navy SEAL to watch her back!

Y'all know I have this slight obsession with those special ops military men, and SEALs happen to be one of my favorites... I mean seriously, they're like well oiled machines  that I just want to run my hands all over and then take for a test drive.... *I really need to get my head out of the gutter here*... Dec was exactly what I just described.  Sinfully sexy, smart, protective, and beyond loyal.  He was sent in to rescue Bryn and when he laid his eyes on her, he felt the pull and knew he was going to be in trouble.  That right there is one of my favorite things about the whole... boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy marries girl scenario.  

Bryn and Dec pretty much go through hell together... granted it's a little more of Bryn going through hell and Dec just trying his best to get her through it and home safely.  He's there for her... to protect her, to guide her, and to eventually love her.  The fact that he is not afraid of tears... which is probably because he has seen how hard Bryn will fight before her emotions get the best of her... made me love him that much more!
"It's just you and me here, Bryn.  It's okay to let go.  I'll hold you together."
So. Sweet!

Now, I'm not normally one to like so many POV's... however with Cover of Darkness I enjoyed it.  It flowed easily, gave me a perfect picture of the entire scene (including the bad guys), and left me wanting more from this series... to the point where I'm wondering if I should've passed on my husbands bet of how long it will take me to dive into the next book... looks like I may be buying him that new hand gun after all... damn!  

Check it out!  If you like Military Romantic Suspense with a loveable heroine and a sweet protective hero... then you'll be in reading heaven!

Happy Reading!

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