Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge #1) Review

Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge) by Shey Stahl

Book description...
Between revving engines, smoking tires, and high speeds, two friends form a vital bond in the shadows of the blaring spotlight. Sway Reins, a track owner’s only daughter, and Jameson Riley, a gritty NASCAR rookie driver, have been best friends since they were kids. Over the years, Sway becomes his safety shield during his rapid rise to the elite levels of auto racing. A night of celebrating a victory leaves Sway believing that she can convince Jameson to fall in love with her. She becomes determined to be more than just a pit lizard trolling the pits. Little does she know that this steadfast racer has his own idea of revelry. Soon their compression ratios are timed exactly right and all the reciprocating motions have led them to happy hour. As their passion revs, the inner workings of an internal combustion engine have never been so erotic. Just a taste turns into a thirst neither of them saw coming. Can she convince this rookie he can have love and his dream? 

So... have you ever found yourself reading a scene in a book thinking... Oh no, these characters are exactly like some people *cough cough* I know?  I swear there were scenes in this book that had my mind traveling back in time and mentally reliving some of the crazy stuff that my friends and I have done.  I was cracking up while reading them and then cracking up even more thinking about how similar some things were... And since I'm at this point in my life where I feel like I should try to be an adult and not be so forthcoming about my past, I will not tell you which scenes were so similar unless you ask.  But I will say this... Sway my little darling... Tequila is NOT a friend, it's actually an enemy and I certainly hope you learned your lesson after that night... I'd hate to see Tequila have to give you a few lessons, cause sister believe me when I say they only seem to get worse!

I absolutely adored Sway!  She reminded me of my younger self in certain ways...She knows what she wants but it still trying to figure out how exactly she wants to "get it" and her favorite thing in the world is to be having fun with those she loves.  Her love for her friends and family, her magnetic personality and drive to just want to have fun, and her extremely sarcastic wit... made me love her and see what a good woman she already was... especially for only being 22.  She does anything for those she loved and most especially she'd do anything to get the one man she loved to see her as more than just a friend.  

Jameson... I seriously struggled with the fact that he was only 22... he is very mature and has a lot resting on his shoulders and I mean a lot!  He is one of those guys that people see one thing when in reality he is so much more.  He's not just some pretty face who makes bad decisions.... granted he doesn't always make the best decisions but he's still young and in order to learn from his mistakes he has to make them... he actually has a wonderful business savvy and is already extremely successful because he puts his whole self into doing what he loves.  If only he could figure out how to do what he loves and be with who he loves at the same time.  There is no doubt in my mind that he can because it was pretty clear from the beginning that once Jameson put his mind to something, nothing would stop him. 

Their story is cute, sweet, funny, heartbreaking, and beautiful all at the same time.  I found myself getting frustrated with my kindle for not turning the pages quick enough.  Shey Stahl has created on heck of an addictive story and even though I wasn't a huge fan of the all the car and racing references it really was a perfect fit.  I'm most definitely looking forward to the next book in the Racing on the Edge Series Black Flag!   Check it out... if you're into a heroine that fights for what she wants while having fun, a sexy hero that knows his way around an engine, and a book full of secondary characters that more than keep you entertained... then you will love Happy Hour!

Happy Reading! 


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  1. I am so happy you reviewed this story. I have read all four books in the series and they are all so good. The characters stay with you and won't let you go. This series is one of my top favorite of all time and I have been reading romance steadily for, yikes, 35 years.