Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Guardian (The Guardians #1) Review

The Guardian (The Guardians, Book 1) by Katie Klein

Book Description...
Seventeen-year-old Genesis Green is living anything but a charmed life. As far back as she can remember, she and her mother have been bouncing from town to town, struggling to survive on Ramen noodles and minimum wage.
Late one evening, Genesis and her boyfriend are in a car accident. Carter’s SUV rolls, and Genesis finds herself injured, lying on the pavement. Just before she slips into the darkness an unfamiliar voice calls out to her, promising everything will be fine.
His name is Seth, and he’s the Guardian assigned to protect her.
When Genesis begins having bizarre visions, the Guardians believe she could be useful to them. To Seth, this means stepping into the middle of an epic battle between angels and demons. Even with supernatural protection, there’s no guarantee he can keep Genesis safe, something that's becoming more important to him by the day.
The line between reality and the celestial becomes so blurred that Genesis can't decide who’s real and who’s otherworldly, and worse: who's good and who's evil.

I saw this book on Goodreads a few months back and thought it looked really good.  Considering I absolutely LOVED Katie Klein's Cross My Heart, I thought I'd give this one a shot.  But then I ended up in the hospital because of Kidney Stones and a nasty infection and my TBR list seemed to get completely out of control... Too many good books!  Anyway, for some reason I happen to come across The Guardian on Amazon and saw that it was on sale for 99 cents!  Everyone knows how much I love a bargain so I  downloaded it with the intention to read it when I got a chance.  Only my curiosity got the better of me and I ended up picking it up the same night I downloaded it... and then finishing it about 4 hours later... It. Was. That. Good.  

Genesis is a strange girl but I liked her... she was definitely her own person and absolutely not afraid of what others thought of her.  For that I admired her, because at 17 years old it's hard to be who you want to be.. you're still trying to figure that out while dealing with peer pressure and worried about what others think.  So Genesis dug her way into my heart and now resides there because she is not only brave but she is thoughtful and compassionate... something her Guardian isn't exactly sure he wants her to be.

Seth... sigh... I really wouldn't even know what to do with you if you were mine!  He's sweet and caring one minute and then angry and confusing the next.  I understood his frustration and his concerns but at the same time I thought Genesis was making one heck of an unselfish decision that not many people... grown or otherwise... would have the balls to do.  I loved Seth, really I did, I was always anxious for him to "appear" but he sure knew how to get under my skin!

Their relationship is different, the whole "Guardian" thing was pretty awesome... I wouldn't mind having my own Guardian, especially if he was anything like Seth, or even Joshua.  Katie Klein has taken on her own twist with the paranormal aspects of this book and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of this series.  Which is already out and I have already downloaded!  Now I just need to convince myself to get a little more caught up on my TBR before I dive deeper into Genesis and Seth's lives and the mission they are on together!

Happy Reading!

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