Monday, February 18, 2013

The Men with the Golden Cuffs (Masters and Mercenaries #2) Review

Book description…
A woman in danger…
Serena Blake is a bestselling author of erotic fiction. She knows how to write a happy ending but hasn’t managed to find one of her own. Divorced and alone, she has no one to turn to when a stalker begins to threaten her life. The cops don’t believe her. Her ex-husband thinks she’s making the whole story up. She has no one left to turn to except a pair of hired bodyguards. They promise to guard her body, but no one can protect her heart.
Two men in search of love…
Adam Miles and Jacob Dean are halves of a whole. They’ve spent their entire adult lives searching for the one woman who can handle them both. Adam is the playful, indulgent lover, while Jacob is the possessive, loving Dom. When Serena comes into their lives, Adam is certain that she’s the one. But Jacob’s past comes back to haunt them all. He is suspicious of Serena’s story, and his concerns are driving a wedge between him and Adam. But when the stalker strikes, they will have to come together or lose each other forever…

There are only a handful of ménage authors that can really hold my attention by making their stories seem realistic… and when I say realistic I mean that in the sense that the men actually do want to share with each other and both know their places.  Lexi Blake is one of those authors and The Men with the Golden Cuffs was an excellent story that had me grateful that Serena didn’t have to choose!  Not to mention it was Serena’s livelihood coming together to make her work that much better ;-)

Serena is an author with a stalker and no one seems to be taking her stalker seriously.  I have to say that Serena absolutely cracked me up… between her completely spacing out to her way of getting into her creative zone.  Plus she was sweet and had a heart of gold.  She was one of those author’s that I would love to get inside her head and see what exactly it is she’s dreaming up for her next book!

Both Adam and Jacob were dreamy… dominant men who both had a specific role to play in the relationship they were seeking.  Only a special woman would be able to fill that role and it turns out that Serena was definitely the woman for them… but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t reading this book thinking – I can be that girl, pick me, pick me!  Adam was the sweet fun loving guy who still knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it.  Jacob was the overly dominant man who doesn’t let a lot of people get close and once you’re inside his heart he will do whatever it takes to keep you happy!  Seriously, between the two of them they more than made the perfect man!

Watching them together and eventually fall in love was fun, heartbreaking, maddening, and hot all at the same time.  I got frustrated with all of them on more than one occasion and I praised the guys when they realized they made a mistake and actually went out of their way to prove they wouldn’t do it again.  The Men with the Golden Cuffs is definitely a good read, one that I will put on my re-read list!

Happy Reading!

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