Monday, February 25, 2013

Play With Me (With Me in Seattle #3) Review

Play With Me (With Me In Seattle) by Kristen Proby

Will Montgomery is a successful professional football player and seemingly has it all. He’s not used to being told no, and certainly doesn’t take no for an answer. So when he turns his charms on his sister’s sexy rocker-chick friend Meg, he’s not only turned down, but met with open hostility, piquing his curiosity and libido. He’s determined to show her that he’s not the arrogant jock she thinks he is, and to get her into his bed.
Megan McBride is not impressed with Will Montgomery, his fat contract, fancy car, or his arrogant public persona. She doesn’t have time for a relationship, and if she’s learned anything in life, it’s that loving means losing, so she guards her heart ferociously. But she can’t deny the overwhelming attraction to the sexy, tattooed athlete, and when Will starts breaking down her defenses and grabs hold of her heart, will she be able to admit her feelings for him, or will her troubled past cause her to lose the first man she’s ever truly loved?

There is no question about my feelings for not only this Author but this series!  I absolutely LOVE these characters to the point where I want to be their friends – I know that sounds super crazy but they’re seriously awesome and they just seem to keep getting better and better!

Meg freaking rocks.  Seriously rocks!  She’s this kick ass woman with a heart of gold and so much compassion for kids that I just want to hug her and tell her she is my hero for all she endures working the job she works!  She hasn’t had the greatest life, in fact, she’s had a pretty horrible life and doesn’t trust easily.  She definitely doesn’t trust the gorgeous Will Montgomery and all of his arrogance.  But when he just keeps showing up and melting her heart in various ways she had a hard time resisting him.

Will Montgomery… sigh!  I seriously want a Will of my own.  He’s like the perfect combination of Nate (Fight with Me) and Luke (Come Away With Me)… he’s got the intensity and he’s got the sweetness that just makes you want to bend backwards to put a smile on his face.  BUT he also has an ego that needs to be knocked down a few pegs and Meg is just the girl to do it.   She won’t put up with his crap and she has no problem putting him in his place when he needs it.

These two have something special and watching them fall in love was adorable as well as a little heartbreaking.  Will really has to work to get what he wants and he more than proves that he’s willing to go the distance with this feisty woman that he can’t get out of his mind.

If you haven’t read a Kristen Proby book yet… what are you waiting for?  She writes some amazing stories that leave you feeling connected to her characters (main and secondary).  Not to mention her smut scenes are melt your panties hot!

Happy Reading!

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  1. I love love love Kristen's books! Thanks for the post :)