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The Fall Review

The Fall by Marie Force

Book description...
Dr. Ted Duffy has finally met a woman who makes him ache with desire. Too bad she’s dating his best friend of twenty years. This simple premise has momentous consequences for Ted in “The Fall,” a story that explores the bonds of friendship, the expectations of family, and the power of love to unite and divide. Ted is a third-generation pediatric oncologist in Boston. He is thirty-seven years old, married to his work, and his patients are his kids. He and his college friends spend summer weekends in Newport, Rhode Island, which is the only break Ted gets from the grind of his job. After a devastating loss at work, he leaves for Newport where he meets his friend’s new girlfriend, Caroline. During that first weekend together, Ted and Caroline fall in love. When they later act on their feelings, shock and disbelief ricochet through his tight-knit group of friends and family. A highly respected doctor, a beloved son and grandson, a loyal friend, Ted is stunned by his sudden free fall from grace. Sometimes love is not enough...or is it?

Right.  So my reviews are my personal opinions and while I hope that when you read it, you take into consideration my thoughts on the book because well for the most part everything I read I just about love... but I also have to say that if something upsets me in a book, I pray that it doesn't prevent you from wanting to read the book.  I only say that with this review because, while I thoroughly enjoyed the book the ending just killed it for me and I'll explain why later... but just because it killed it for me doesn't mean that you'll feel the same way.  

Okay so it all starts off in Ted's POV... I really liked Ted.  He was sweet and he knew that falling for his best friends girl was horrible but he just could not shake the feelings he had for her even when he tried to date another woman.  I felt for him here because I could only imagine how hard it was to fall in love at first sight with a woman that belonged to someone else.  When I say he fell in love... I mean he fell hard, he had those possessive instincts flaring up, felt comforted just being around her, and when he realized she felt the same he knew that one day he was going to Marry her.  Romantic right?  Well maybe not so much because she was dating his best friend and obviously that is not something you do to your best friend, but when your feelings are that strong and the chemistry between the two is so undeniable how can you not see it as romantic.  There was no doubt in his mind that Caroline was meant for him and he was meant for her.

Caroline... Wow, I really liked her and that says a lot because half the time I get frustrated with heroines.. they grate on my nerves because they're indecisive, they fight tooth and nail for the relationship not to happen, or they just constantly complain.  Caroline didn't do any of this.... now I do not condone the fact that she fell in love with Ted while she was still dating his best friend, Smitty, and then continued to stay with him for two weeks after... I can't deny the sparks between her and Ted.  So when she finally made the decision that she was going to end things with Smitty so she could begin a relationship with Ted, I have to admit I was ecstatic.... I hurt for Smitty but I was so thrilled that Ted and Caroline were going to be together instead of fight the chemistry.  I knew their love would be magic and would come with a fantastic HEA... that is until everything starting to come crashing down around them.

It all started with Ted's Grandma... who was their only true supporter in this relationship because she understood there was no way they could fight the love between them... but she got sick and was on her death bed where she requested Ted and Caroline get married.  It was sweet but it was extremely painful to watch when news of Ted and Caroline being together got out to Ted's friends.  It caused long term friendships to dissolve and Ted to start pulling away emotionaly from Caroline.  She confronts him before they get married... again... and gives him an out because she wants her husband instead of a man who is pulling back emotionally for the decisions he made when choosing her over his friends and I have to hand it to him, he tried and it seemed like the magic was back..... that is until he got news that his best friend got married without so much as a word to Ted.

So how does he answer his self doubt?  He takes off... quits his job, tells his wife that he needs time away from her because looking at her will remind him that they destroyed lives, and he moves out of the state.  I was pissed and I mean I was PISSED at him.  How in the world can you give up so much for "The woman you love" only to throw it away because you're now feeling sorry for yourself?  I honestly I wanted to smack him and then tell her good riddance she deserves better than a man who is going to destroy their something special after he BEGGED her to fight for them... to move to him instead of away from him.

Here is the part where the ending just killed it for me... don't worry they get their HEA.... AFTER he is forgiven by his friends, AFTER he spent two months away from his wife with out contacting her because the pain was too much, AFTER he sees her looking just as beautiful as when he fell in love with her.... I have to give it to her she did walk away from him... the first time.  I was proud of her for that but at the same time I was so mad at him that I couldn't help but have some of that anger seep out to her as well because she sure did put up an amazing front in the company of all his friends... so they wouldn't have to explain why they're not together anymore.  So she walks away from him right?.... he heads back to their home because no one knows where she's staying and he's FINALLY realized what he had with her and he wants it back so he goes to wait for her.  When she comes home all it takes is for him to say one time that he is home for good before she's in his arms and their making up.  I wanted to shout at her.  I mean I was really liking her and then this.  I get the love was too strong not to work things out but sweet Jesus honey make him explain, make him grovel, make him BEG you to take him back because you deserve more than a "I'm sorry I was an asshole."  Whatever!

The Fall by Marie Force was a great read... at least up until the end, obviously I didn't care a whole lot for the quick forgiveness but that doesn't mean that I didn't thoroughly enjoy this book because I did.  I loved watching Ted and Caroline realize they were meant to be together, I loved that they didn't do anything until after her relationship was over, I loved how Ted's Grandma knew they were meant to be together and made sure they were married before she passed away because with out that push I don't think they would have made it.  I just wish Caroline would have made Ted do a little more fighting to get her back.  With that said.. this is still a sweet story of love, heartbreak, friendships lost, forgiveness, and happiness.  

Happy Reading!


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