Thursday, March 22, 2012

Playing With Fire Review

Playing With Fire by Mia Dymond

Book description...
Liberty doesn't come cheap. In fact; she costs $200 an hour.  Dr. Liberty Prescott is trained to heal. Problem is, she can't heal herself. Fire Inspector Shane Hartwell fights demons in the dark. Desperate to end his torture, he seeks Liberty's help.  As attraction sparks between them, an arsonist burns out of control and evidence points straight to Liberty. Against his heart's denial, Shane accuses her until new evidence emerges. Now with his heart in his hands, can he reclaim hers?

So this is the second book I have read by Mia Dymond and I have to say I love her style.  This definitely will not be the last book of hers I read... Thanks again to Sheryl for recommending these wonderful books to me :)  Playing With Fire was a great read... or should I say a hot read.  

Liberty was wonderful... she didn't frustrate me because she was trying to run from the man pursuing her, she wanted him just as much but because he was a client she couldn't go there but boy did she want to.  She was sweet, smart, and absolutely adorable because she had no idea she was these things.  I felt so bad for her because she was terrified of the dark because she had been attacked in her past and I was so grateful she had a wonderful friend in Maddie, who was experiencing her own issues with being alone at night.  So they had sleep overs a lot and thank goodness too because one night it provided an alibi for Liberty... who was being framed by a total psycho.

Shane... mmm, yes he was quite wonderful himself in that uber gorgeous, man in a uniform, with a body to die for kind of way... not to mention he was sweet on top of it.  Shane was dealing with sleep issues after he lost his best friend in a fire they were trying to rescue someone from.  He's hesitant to let Liberty help him because he is attracted to her.. like heart stopping, love at first sight (even though he won't admit it) kind of way but he relents and so their professional relationship begins.  

There is so much sexual tension between these two because they both feel that undeniable attraction but Shane doesn't want to push Liberty and Liberty won't go there because... he is a client.  I did get frustrated with her here because I just wanted to say... who cares he's your client, go for it, you both want it.. just enjoy!  But when things start to get heated she finally gives in and tells Shane to fire her so they can explore what they might have together and when he does..... YOWZA... I certainly will never look at a firetruck and not think what it would be like to.... never mind.

Shane and Liberty begin an actual relationship and it's sweet but there are things coming up that shows Shane the danger that Liberty is in.  Then he starts to see how the evidence is showing that she may be behind these fires... most especially the fire that killed his best friend.  So instead of thinking with a clear head and leaving it to the police or even question her the correct way he hauls off and accuses her..... things don't go so well for Shane after he realizes what an ass he was and how she really didn't have anything to do with it... but when a fire is called in and it's Liberty's house he gets over there in fear that he's going to lose her and plans to salvage what he has with her if it's the last thing he does.

Playing with Fire by Mia Dymond was a great little read.... it was hot, it was sweet, and best of all it had a hot man in a uniform to make it that much better!  

Happy Reading!

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