Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bared to You (Crossfire Series #1) Review

Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel By Sylvia Day has GOT to be one of the HOTTEST and most captivating books I have read this week...

Book description...
Our journey began in fire...
Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness—beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily...
Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other's most private wounds... and desires.
The bonds of his love transformed me, even as I prayed that the torment of our pasts didn't tear us apart..

So what can I say about this book.... I liked it, no that's not good enough.... I thoroughly enjoyed it, still not good enough..... I abso-freaking-lutely LOVED this book.  I got this as an ARC and have to admit that for some reason it got passed over until the day after the release date.... total *gasp* moment I know... and I have to say I am terribly sorry to Sylvia because had I not have looked this over that review would have been posted weeks ago!!!!  Anyway, It must be said that this book had me tied up in knots and those knots were so tight that I'm still feeling them a week after having finished Bared to You.  I'm extremely anxious to find out more about these characters and see where their love goes....

Okay so I adored Eva... I mean I absolutely LOVED her.  She is such a strong woman, to have survived emotionally through the things she went through just floors me.  She had insecurities but yet she wasn't afraid to admit any of what a typical male find as "flaws".  She was upfront and spoke her mind yet she was sweet and cared deeply.  Having just moved to New York she decides to take a run and get a feel of the land... she ends up running into a man who she feels an instant attraction to, he makes her feel things she doesn't want to feel... but as quickly as she runs into him... she runs away.   Little does she know that she will be meeting the gorgeous Gideon again very soon...

I'm not quite sure how I can begin to confess the feelings I had for Gideon.... At first I was afraid the name would kill it for me... unfortunately for me I knew a Gideon back in the day, total ass who thought he was the best thing since sliced bread and I totally hated him.... but after spending a little time with this Gideon I realized there was NOTHING that could prevent me from falling head over heals for yet another fantastic hero.  I'm not going to lie though.. Gideon is intense... I mean INTENSE.... there were a lot of reviewers that compared him to Christen Grey from Fifty Shades... and while I can see a few similarities, I have to admit there really wasn't much comparison... Fifty is Hot and all.... and I still love him.... BUT there was something about Gideon that made me want even more.  And the fact that he wanted Eva and wanted her badly enough to do whatever it took, made me fall for him even harder.

Here is what I absolutely LOVED about the relationship... well once it finally began.... when it comes to Eva.  She had a backbone and was not afraid to speak her mind to Gideon... She's upfront that she is the jealous type and she even tells him about her past very early into their relationship.... not because she's looking for attention, but... because she wants him to realize if things come out they could put him in an awkward position and she doesn't want that for him.  She already cares too deeply for him to want any negative light to come his way.  I loved that about her especially considering that the intensity of their relationship and feelings for each other would leave most women willing to do whatever it took to keep him around.  

There are a lot of issues here with these two characters.  They have a lot of work ahead of them.... emotionally... Eva has a past that is traumatic... she has worked through it but in all reality what she dealt with you really have to wonder will she ever truly be over it.. she still has some things to sort through in her head and even in her life.  Then you have Gideon, we have yet to learn what his past was like and I have to admit with the small glimpses of what it may have to deal with or what it may have been already has my heart breaking.... and clearly he still has yet to deal with it, but he is trying!  That kind of emotional baggage takes a strong partner to over come in a relationship for it to work.... so with both of them having emotional baggage it means their relationship will be that much more difficult BUT that much more special.  I have no doubt they will over come their emotional pasts together, I can feel the love between them and have every reason to believe that together they will make it... it's going to be a tough road but I'm sure their feelings for each other will over power the past and any other secondary obstacles  that may get in their way. 

Then you have the secondary characters that are potential threats to their relationship..... and here is where there are a lot of unanswered questions: 
* What's the deal with Magdalene?  There is something about here that I really do not like, and I can already see the problems she is going to cause.. hell, she's already caused a few.  Will Eva get frustrated enough to make Gideon chose?  Will Magdalene find another way to try and put a wedge between Eva and Gideon?  
* What is the deal with Gideon's brother?  At first I thought this was just some sort of jealousy thing on Gideon's behalf but then when I realized it wasn't my curiosity peeked even more... like to the point of WTF?   
* What in the world happened to Gideon?  This one has me in knots... I can't quit guessing what it could be and I'm afraid that it's worse than what I'm thinking OR that the suspense has been so built up that it turns out to be something minor... which I don't really see as a possibility considering the dreams but Author's have been known to tease us.
* Why does Gideon try and avoid his mother and does his mother have something to do with his past?  I can't help but feel this way..... there is something that bothers me about his mother, there is something there that we will hopefully learn in the next book.... I really do have to wonder if she may be part of the past that causes these horrible dreams for Gideon.
* Will Eva tell her Dad about her past.... OR will her past be revealed for the public? I see something cooking up here and I'm afraid this will happen.... For some reason I see Magdalene and Christopher having something to do with it all coming out and hurting Eva which will in turn hurt Gideon
* Will Cary work out his issues and will Eva be there to help him?  I LOVED Cary, he was so adorable and I just wanted to keep him for myself but at the end where left with a little cliffhanger.... does something happen to Cary?  Did Gideon say something when he went back inside?  Will everything work out so Eva and Cary can continue on with they're beautiful friendship?  I sure hope so!
* What hold does Gideon's ex have over him and will she decide she's going to fight for his attention again?  She seems a bit needy, a bit desperate.... and I'm afraid of those feelings because I can see where is may mean bad things for Eva and Gideon's relationship... Can Gideon push her away completely?  Will he make a mistake and hurt Eva...again?

The questions I have are never ending but those are my top ones for the moment even though I'm sure they will change tomorrow...... With all that said I have to ask....Is it October Yet?????

Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia Day is one of those books that will keep a little part of my heart and a lot of my attention for a while.  It's emotional, it's heart breaking, it's more than consuming, and it's got a special kind of love between the H/H that will leave you breathless.... OH and it's so freaking HOT that I have to confess that it's probably one of the hottest erotic-romance novels I have read to date... and I've read a lot! 

Happy Reading!


  1. I just discovered this book after searching for something similar to Fifty Shades and I have to say I am in love with this series too. It is only three and a half months until the second installment, but that seems like too long to wait. I hope we get to see some of the couples therapy sessions and find out what happened to Gideon as a child. I think his mom had something to do with it, maybe an active participant or as someone who turned a blind eye. I am so eager for the next book to find out what happens with Eva and Gideon, to know what triggers Gideon has and to see if they can work through their problems.

    1. I know I can not wait for the next book!!! Quite frankly I liked this book better than Fifty. And I agree with everything you're hoping to see... Maybe we'll get lucky and it will come out early!

  2. I have to totally agree! I love Christian but OH GIDEON! I read this book months ago after fifty shades like u . But I am counting the days for october !! I love reading my naughty books on my nook ;) I have been pretty lucky with the books I read . Another great book is Gabriel's inferno - Sylvain raynard not raunchy but great charecters :) also wicked burn by Beth Kery holy hot! On my blog I have a list of books :
    I made this bc probably as u , I like a certain type of reading ;) u may like some that I have on my list too .
    Happy reading ! Xoxo