Friday, April 27, 2012

E. L. James Google + Hangout.....

The amazing author of the much talked about Fifty Shades Trilogy E. L. James had a google + hangout with some UK Fans yesterday and my girl Gitte was one of them.  She was super excited when she locked a spot in the hangout with The Author of one of her Favorite books.  In order to get a spot in the hangout they had to submit a stand out review of Fifty... now I'm not going to share the entire email but I will share a quote from her review because it's just down right true for just about every girl and/or woman I know:
 "There is so much to love about Fifty. Christian is the guy that every girl would love to "fix"!! However, what makes him one of the best characters to read about is the fact that he is emotionally wounded to the point that he has built up all these walls around his heart. Yet he subconsciously knows that Ana is the girl for him"

I was so excited for her that... I walked around with a big huge smile on my face after I found out that she got the spot, and then got butterflies in my belly knowing she was going to be talking to E.L. in just a few hours.  The fact that I was so excited for her goes to show how over the moon she was.... It was absolutely adorable... we let her know that even though we couldn't be there with her... we were there in spirit, all virtually holding her hand. 

This would be an amazing opportunity for anyone but I have to say it was perfect that Gitte got a spot because... well... She is perfect!!!  Gitte is such a wonderful, loving, caring, and beautiful woman that she more than deserves every amazing opportunity that comes her way!  I absolutely adore her and I'm so glad that she was one of the fans to be picked!!! 

Check out the video from the google + hangout below... E. L. talks about her work from when she posted Fifty as a Fan-Fiction to publishing it and the books she's thinking about writing in the future.  If you're looking for any news regarding the Movie deal then I hate to break it to you that she does not talk about it... BUT I will post another little video at the end of this blog post....

I think it's freaking awesome that E.L. did this with her fans, it shows that fame has not changed her and that she is still a wonderful person who is just amazed and grateful for the opportunities that have presented themselves because of her amazing books! I have read the Fifty Shades Trilogy but I have not reviewed them yet... I'm still trying to decide if I want to review them here or not, I mean I do because there is a lot of fun things to talk about when it come to Christen and Ana... They're absolutely beautiful and I say that because neither of them are perfect, they both make mistakes... some worse than others... but they learn from those mistakes... and THAT is what makes their love beautiful.

Okay so I said I'd share another video that talks about the movie... First of all let me say that the fact that Ryan is reading Fifty Shades of Grey... is HOT and the fact that Ian Somerhalder is reading Fifty Shades of Grey.... is freaking smokin' hot!!!

Enjoy my fellow book lovers!!! Looks like we're going to have another author to take the world by storm with her fantastic books...

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