Monday, December 10, 2012

Lost and Found Review

Lost and Found by Karen L. Syed

 Book description...
Allison Ryder is not having her best day. Thanks to the Texas weather, the placement of a seemingly insignificant flyer on the windshield of her car has opened up a big ol' can of worms. First, there's the near miss with a dreamy brown-eyed man (Did we mention his not-so-charming attitude?). Then there is the overzealous new neighbor (a big wet dog who wants to play with Al in the rain). Then there is her dear and meddlesome best friend who wants everyone to be happy (her parents should have named her Cupid). All in all, things can't get any worse!
Will Hoyt can't believe he's lost his dog. He wonders how he'll ever be able to care for his niece if he can't keep a pooch in hand. The flyers seemed like a good idea, until it rained, and the crazy lady in town tried to run over him. It's taken some time to fall into a place where he could care for his late sister's teenage daughter (What was he thinking? She's a teenage girl!) The good news is that the dog has been found...but by the crazy lady. Things could be worse!
Even the rain can't smother the sparks that fly between Will and Allison, so is it any wonder that their relationship will have to face off against chaos? (Did we mention the marriage?) But of course love is not all peaches and cream when Will faces the possibility of losing everything he holds dear.

Have you ever read a book and felt like all you did was giggle nonstop at ridiculous situations only to think about it later and realize those situations are so funny because you've actually seen them happen or had them happen to you?  Yeah?  Me too... with this book!  I'm not sure if I had the sleepy stupids or what, but I found Lost and Found hilarious, sweet, and a little touching... but hilarious more than anything.

Allison is so my kind of girl.  She has a soft heart and a fierce loyalty to those she loves.  She seems to have found herself in a bit of a pickle... things are changing at work, she hits a smokin hot pedestrian, and this massive dog seems to want to knock her down at every turn.  But even with all of that she seems to have kept her sense of humor and is able to laugh most of it off.  Well until she finds out why exactly Will, the smokin' hot pedestrian she almost hit, has moved to her small quiet Texas town.

I don't even know where to begin with Will... he's not exactly having the greatest day when he meets Allison but yet he feels an extremely strong attraction to her, even though she's not his type.  He has found that teasing Al is not only fun but kind of hot.  His heart is made of gold and his niece has him wrapped around her little finger... he would do anything to make her happy!

Al and Will become friends or at least that's what they seem to tell themselves until neither of them can take it anymore and what they share turns into one extremely hot... but confusing... situation.  I loved watching them interact with each other but at the same time I wanted to yell at them both to learn some communication skills.  Feelings could have easily been saved had they just talked about how they are feeling... but that would have been to easy!

Lost and Found was a great little read that kept me giggling throughout as well as hoping either Will or Allison... or hopefully both of them... would just speak up so they could move forward into their relationship.  Definitely one to check out!

Happy Reading!

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