Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bound Together Blog Tour: Who wants some Oliver?

So I've got something exclusive to share with y'all.... it's an excerpt from Bound Together by Marie Coulson and it's a special one because it's in a different POV.  
For those of you who haven't read the book yet... what are you waiting for?  Go enter to win a copy at the bottom of this post!!!!
For those of you who have read this emotionally captivating book... check out this exclusive scene from Oliver's POV....
Back a bit, bit more, bit more. Stop. Dude this is not going to fit through the door.”  I’d been watching the two dumbasses across the hall for the past ten minutes. There was only so many times you could turn a box around before you had to admit it was not going in. They clearly weren’t going to give up easily. Backing up three or four more times I laughed at them till something rather spectacular caught my eye. Bobbing my head up and down I tried to see around the idiots in front of me.
A gorgeous, curvy, long legged, blonde haired girl was walking down the hallway in a total daze. She was carrying a piece of paper with a key and looking around at the activity that was going on.  I had to look twice to see if this chick was for real. I mean, you’ve never seen such an amazing creature. She was fucking stunning. She kept walking, caught up in her little world of daydreaming. The guys with the box were now turning it the other way around and I could foresee a problem. The other end of the box was still open. Idiots.
The blonde was watching them too. In fact, she was watching them so intensely she didn’t see me standing in front of her. Turning around, I thought about what move I should make. I wanted to meet this girl. I had to meet this girl. Okay Ollie, two choices here. 1) Move out of the way and let her pass and be a pussy. 2) Get her attention. Maybe say hi. Or 3)…Bump. No time for option three.
Spinning around, I stared down at the floor where my cute blonde was spread eagle looking up at me. Her key had landed by my foot and her piece of paper had flown from her hands as she’s landed. I couldn’t help but smile as she blushed a deep shade of red. It was adorable. Um, Ollie, the gentlemanly thing to do… Leaning forwards I extended my hand out to her.
“Need a hand down there?”
She accepted my help and I pulled her onto her feet again. She was staring at me. I wondered if I had something on my face, or maybe some of this morning’s breakfast still glues to my mouth. She seemed to be staring at it a long time. Quick get her attention away from whatever is on your face.
You looking for your dorm?”
She didn’t answer for a moment but thank god, she stopped staring at my mouth and made eye contact. Oh. My. God. She had the most amazing eyes I’d ever seen. They weren’t blue and they weren’t green. They were kind of…turquoise. They were dazzling.
“Yeah. Sorry, I was miles away. I didn’t see you there.” She was still blushing and I felt bad for her. She was embarrassed. Holding up my hands, I shook my head.
“No need to apologize. This place is a lot to take in. So, which room are you in?”
She looked around the hallway before pointing at the door opposite mine.
“Um. This one. Actually.” Yes! Fucking sweet! Thank you god!
I bent down to grab her key and hid my grin as my hair fell across my face. I wiped it off before opening her door. I didn’t want to look like some creep. She walked in and starting scanning her new digs. I leaned against the door frame and watched her. She really was amazing. Her hair was shoulder length and she looked so sexy in those hip hugging jeans. She had awesome curves. I liked them. A woman without curves would be like wearing my favorite jeans with no pockets. I’d have nowhere to put my hands.
She turned and walked towards me. Shit, Ollie, say something. Don’t just stand there like an idiot. “It’s not the Ritz, but it’ll do right?” She shrugged and continued to stare at me. Awkward.
“So I guess we’re going to be neighbors.” Oh thank god. She broke the silence. I looked at her a moment. Yes beautiful blonde girl we are. Is this what Christmas feels like? Because I swear next year I won’t ask Santa for a single fucking thing. She was the best gift ever. Okay lover boy don’t go all bat shit stalker crazy. You’ll spook her. Be cool. I shrugged.
“Guess so.” Oh yea. Real smooth stud. I cursed myself as I turned away and walked back over to my room. She followed behind me and as she started to make her way down the hall, words flew out of my mouth, loudly. I had to tell her my name and I definitely wanted to know hers.
“Oliver Green by the way!” Success! She turned around and nodded at me.
“Layla Jennings.” Layla. It was possibly the sexiest, most beautiful name in existence and it was hers. I watched her leave and a total dumbstruck daze. Layla. I would not forget that in a hurry.
I walked into my room with my new muse on my mind and grabbed my guitar. Plugging it into the Amp I played the only song I could think of, the song that was now stuck in my mind on repeat. Eric Clapton’s epic classic and my new favorite song. ‘Layla’.

Awesome right?  I LOVE Oliver... granted I also love Jared... but then again I'm a book boyfriend slut so whatever!

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  1. Love it Lori! I think I'm a book boyfriend slut too!! ;)

  2. OMG and yes I do mean Oliver Micheal Green!!! He is so Smexy :) Love the story from his POV.